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  1. saraiks

    CompuPool Salt Water Chlorine Generator Cell on sale at woot

    Is this any good.. for $699 ???
  2. saraiks

    What temp to use for calculating CSI ?

    There is a lot of variation in the day and night temperatures expected here in NorCal for this weekend. It is supposed to be at 75+ during the day and 50+ for the night. This is a 25 degree variation which produces two widely varying numbers for the CSI in the pool calculator. What number should...
  3. saraiks

    Variance in TA reading

    I tested my TA with the TF test kit and it read 70. I retested with my old Leslies kit and it reads 100. Is the TF test kit test reading accounting for the CYA(60) ? or is someting else whacked..
  4. saraiks

    O-Ring replacement

    :idea: :lol: I was cleaning my filter and in the process of reassembling it I broke my O-Ring. Since the pool store was closed I went to my local Ace hardware(Known as Dales' here in Fremont). They did not have a replacement but I found something else that works great! I used a pressure...
  5. saraiks

    Acceptable overnight FC loss and testing error margins

    While trying to test for FC loss overnight what should be an acceptable number ? I have tested to a 0 ppm to 2 ppm drop overnight without any other issues. Can this be considered within the error margin of the test ?
  6. saraiks

    Pool aereation and SPA's

    I have a Spa which is connected to the pool with a small spillway and shares the pumps etc. Is it OK to run the Jets for Aereating the pool water to raise the pH? I will have the water coming in to the pump from the pool, going through the filter, into the SPA and back to the pool.
  7. saraiks

    Numbers post partial drain and refill...

    :( Here are the results from my first complete test Temp. 72 FC 7.5 CC 0.5 pH 7.7 CYA 100 + TA 220 CH 500 the water is clear but I guess the prolonged "tablet" use has taken its toll.. will get some distilled water and redo the CYA and CH to get a better picture..
  8. saraiks

    Ideal numbers ?

    There seem to be a general consensus on what the ideal numbers should be for a given pool setup for some paramenters but a wide array of numbers is thrown out for some others.. here is what I could glean from the forum so far for gunnite/Plaster pools with no SWCG CYA : 50 +/- 10 TA : 150 +/-...
  9. saraiks

    New Owner of Old Pool... Answers as available..

    I am buying a house with an IG pool. I was trying to come up with a list of Questions that I need to ask the previous owners to help better understand the setup and history.. Here's what I came up with: 1. When was the pool put in ? 2. Has it ever been replastered ? 3. What kind of chemical's...
  10. saraiks

    Another noobie..

    :shock: Hi my name is KS and I just bought a house with an IG pool approx 15,000 Gallons and a Spa. the previous owners have kept it in great condition and I hope to do the same with help from everyone here after I move in and takeover the mantenenace in about a months time!! I don't have the...