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  1. frustratedpoolmom

    Intelliflo Making Loud noise - 1st startup of the season - please take a listen to it!

    Yes, that's the only way. Lately, most pool repairmen just recommend replacing the motor because the stuff on the market today is not made as well as pumps used to be.
  2. frustratedpoolmom

    Intelliflo Making Loud noise - 1st startup of the season - please take a listen to it!

    Have you checked the impeller? (I think the sound is the bearings have gone/are going bad. )
  3. frustratedpoolmom

    Dead pump, How long before..

    The pump from amazon should have the same warranty. Save the money ;)
  4. frustratedpoolmom

    Pressure not changing

    No not normal. Also how old are they? What is your end of season cleaning regimen?
  5. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pump- Best Brand??

    That pump is fine... poor circulation can be attributed to a number of things... higher rate of circulation doesn't always equal better. Did you have suction issues when vacuuming? Was your eyeball return pointed correctly, were you backwashing accordingly, etc. Just a few things. I don't...
  6. frustratedpoolmom

    OK to remove cleaner's filter permanently?

    I can honestly in 9 years of servicing hundreds of pools I've never seen that before. I'm not even sure what it is.
  7. frustratedpoolmom

    Cloudy water coming out of returns

    I don't think you need to change the sand. Can you add your equipment specs to your signature? When you are adding DE you make a slurry first. without knowing your set-up a cup could be too much. Now, when vacuuming, as you start, do you have good suction, and then as you go, it decreases...
  8. frustratedpoolmom

    Multiport bypassing sand on filter setting

    You could have a defective spider gasket. There is a youtube video that shows how to swap it out, I suggest you watch it and see if that is something you think you can DIY.
  9. frustratedpoolmom

    Help me please

    possibly, but as above need a pic. You have top mount pumps and side mount pumps (where the connection goes to the filter). Some pumps can be turned and used for a cartridge filter system. Kinda depends. Not sure what you mean by "basket". Why not just buy a sand filter to connect it? Its...
  10. frustratedpoolmom

    Pool pump leaking

    I agree, something not right. There shouldn't be that much of a gap, like it won't turn as far as it should. Can you take another pic from the side, (not so close) of the entire pump basket/lid assembly.
  11. frustratedpoolmom

    New Hayward Skimmer Leaking

    Ah I see, that's totally than the ones I'm used to. I've seen the walls you refer too. I don't have an answer for you for that, I wish I could help. Maybe a Bump will get you more answers... bump!
  12. frustratedpoolmom

    New Hayward Skimmer Leaking

    I would not apply any silicone or sealant. Are you sure the gasket is installed correctly, typically there are 2 gaskets, one on the outside, one on the inside (on top of the liner). There may be a cork (or similar material) that separates the 2 gaskets, but that is not part of the assembly...
  13. frustratedpoolmom

    Recommendations on pump run time

    Yah I agree on reducing the run time but not necessarily the flow levels :) I have a client with a similar cleaner (different brand/4 wheel) and it doesn't climb the walls. Doesn't seem to be an issue though....
  14. frustratedpoolmom

    Contractor Installed DE Filter Rather than Cartridge Filter. Should I Keep It?

    So, I'm not a fan of the waterway and he probably installed it because its been discontinued and he could unload it? Maybe had it in stock and thought it would be an upgrade... I think 175 sq ft for that size pool is too small for a cartridge filter. I agree with James, go big or go home ;)...
  15. frustratedpoolmom

    Sand Filter question

    So, it sounds like your filter is working fine. A filter doesn't clear algae, chlorine does. You mentioned running the pump/filter constantly but you're "going to start the slam process in a few days". Running the filter without following the steps of the SLAM process is wasting electricity...
  16. frustratedpoolmom

    What do I replace this "plug" with

    Problem is without knowing if there's threads on the spa side... are there threads on the pool side? Can't tell from pic. Plugs are pretty much typical standards sizes, but if no threads you would probably have to use a rubber plug, but I'm just guessing... Have you tried doing a google image...
  17. frustratedpoolmom

    Is my filter done?

    So, back to my comment... LOL You have a grid filter. Nothing wrong with ordering the replacement o-rings, since only $15. It could very well be an issue but.... when you described the clarity of water, you are describing clogged filter grids that simply no longer filter properly (this of...
  18. frustratedpoolmom

    Very low filter pressures

    Oh Love pics! They help alot. I'm going to assume it's the black hose/clamp connections or both. Unfortunately if that black hose has deteriorated and it goes all the way to the skimmer/returns and they are leaking, you might have to dig up the concrete deck :( to properly plumb the lines...
  19. frustratedpoolmom

    Very low filter pressures

    The pump could be sucking air in through that irrigation hose, and it will show up as air in the pump basket while the pump is running, and it will cause the bubbles from the returns. The clamps could be loose, allowing air, the irrigation hose could have deteriorated. If the plumbing goes...
  20. frustratedpoolmom

    Is my filter done?

    When is the last time you did a complete detergent soak/muratic acid wash of the grids? The grids themselves could be clogged. Debris blowing through usually means there's a tear somewhere... Anyway, complete instructions for cleaning a DE Filter are in pool school. I'd start there before...
  21. frustratedpoolmom

    Very low filter pressures

    Yes, definitely. I'm surprised there is not, and surprised there is a clamp connection and not hard plumbing. Doesn't look like you have a lot of room to work with though.... :( I would clear all those leaves out of there, the motors can get very hot... is that dirt or is there cement under...
  22. frustratedpoolmom

    Very low filter pressures

    EDIT: When the pump is running, is it completely full to the top of the lid? Or is there alot of air/bubbles inside the pump basket lid. (sorry forgot which thread I was on. lol)
  23. frustratedpoolmom

    Very low filter pressures

    Pump basket seal - you cleaned it. Did you lube it? Is there air in the pump basket or is it completely full? Pressure, how does the water feel coming from the bubbling return jets? Vacuum is a suction cleaner I assume? The section hoses are lighter and designed for the vacuum, using a...
  24. frustratedpoolmom

    Diminished return flow

    If this is a sand filter, it sounds like a clogged filter (or the alternative is the flow is restricted somewhere). When the pump turns on, is the pump basket full with water, and does it remain full, or does air enter it?
  25. frustratedpoolmom

    Skimmer replacement

    The liner would not need replacement but it's not really a DIY kinda thing, you really have to know what you're doing to make that sorta repair and not damage the liner. The water level would need to be about 4 to 5 inches below the skimmer. You're looking around at least $1000 including labor...
  26. frustratedpoolmom

    New pump motor now getting sand in pool

    I would remove one of the eyeball jet return assembly, and install a nylon knee high, and the put the assembly back on, so that the nylon will catch any debris blowing through, you could have something internal that is not set correctly, or a cracked lateral, or a bad spider gasket... could be a...