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    Taylor Test Kit K-2106

    According to Taylor, the R-0872 is correct. Have you tried to follow the directions in the kit using the reagents provided?
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    Coming Up With a Natural-based Care Regime

    There is also information that Elvis is alive, and that there are Extra-Terrestrials walking among us ...... The proper use of chlorine as a sanitizer has extended sanitary conditions to endless corners of the globe, and probably has contributed to longer life expectancy overall. With the very...
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    Coming Up With a Natural-based Care Regime

    How do you plan to maintain a residual sanitizer level? As already stated multiple times in this thread, you need high levels of H2O2 to act as a sanitizer. Any ‘low doses’ below the actual level needed is simply wasting H2O2 and not doing anything for sanitation.
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    Coming Up With a Natural-based Care Regime

    Hello and Welcome to the forum! What is your motivation for this? Is it simply a theory you are exercising, or do you have a 'fear' of chlorine? Chlorine really is the safest, reliable & most economical form of water sanitization. Millions of lives have been saved due to safe drinking water...
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    Hot Springs water & Chlorine equals Hydrochloric Acid

    Hot Springs water & Chlorine equals Hydrochloric Acid Welcome to the forum! As far as I know, the only accepted sanitizers in the US are chlorine, bromine, or biguanide (Baqacil). I’m sorry I can’t help much more, but my experience is strictly with residential pools.
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    code E90

    The manual are available for download on the Intex website. I don't know which model you have, but the manual for the Purespa Jet & Bubble Deluxe states that code E90 is "No water flow".
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    It's the high chlorine level that forces the iron out of suspension and makes it visible, as in the form of yellow water and rusty filter cartridges. Unless you are maintaining a very high FC level in your toilet bowl, you will most likely not see iron deposits there with the low levels you...
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    From everything you described, this does indeed sound like iron. I don’t know if the iron levels will change with the seasons, but the test from February could have been wrong.
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    Drain and Refill - Water turned yellow - Can't figure out why?

    That looks like iron that has come out of solution from the high FC levels. Have you had the well checked for iron levels?
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    Saltron Mini, Marquis spa, and dead heater with corrosion

    While the age of the heater would contribute to it's demise, the biggest enemy to the heater is continued low pH. All chlorine pools contain salt, added by all forms of chlorine, muriatic acid, and body sweat. While I cannot argue the fact that salt will accelerate corrosion, as I have stated...
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    Leslies Fresh N Clear Oxidizing Shock

    That is a non-chlorine oxidizer, chemically know as potassium monopersulfate, or MPS for short. According to the SDS it is made up of: Pentapotassium Bis(peroxymonosulphate) Bis(sulphate) Sodium carbonate Potassium persulfate Dihydroxypentamagnesium, tetrakis[carbonato(-2)]...
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    Is this laundry bleach okay for shocking a bromine spa?

    I don't think either of those contain sodium hypochlorite either, and would not put them in my pool or spa. Can you not get regular bleach where you are? (is it Spain?).
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    Water Feature only runs when Polaris is running - Filter on high, I believe.

    Welcome to the forum. Do do you have any valves to regulate water flow?
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    Connect to ISC-100

    I'm not sure if you've worked this out, but here's a friendly bump to your thread to see if we can get you an answer. :bump:
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    Used Sundance Cameo Getting Ready to Start Up

    I'm sorry that there hasn't been any replies to your question. Here's a friendly bump to hopefully get the thread more attention. :bump:
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    poolpal android app is off?

    Sounds like PoolPal is having issues then. Use Pool Math and you should never have to worry about errors like that.
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    High bromine... does it affect ph?

    Is this a bromine pool or a chlorine pool? Bromine should not be added, or needed in a chlorine pool.
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    Well that stinks, only a couple of months of use too. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Problem My Hot tub please help

    While I'm not completely familiar with that tub, I'm hoping this bump will bring along someone who is. :bump: Dom
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    Problem My Hot tub please help

    Welcome to the forum. Can you please post some details about your spa, Make, Model, etc. Dom
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    How to get chlorine levels back down?

    For every 10ppm of FC added with Trichlor you will also add 6ppm of CYA. For every 10ppm of FC added with Dichlor you will also add 9ppm of CYA. If you have been regularly using Trichlor there is some CYA in the water. It is not showing up on the guess strips because they are not accurate...
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    Is this mold?

    Welcome to TFP PihkaSisu. I'm going to agree with swampwoman, your FC has/is most likely not being maintained high enough for your CYA level. Do you ever test the water? Your pH is very important as well. You are going to need a FAS/DPD chlorine test kit, as well as a test for pH, CYA, CH &...