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  1. domct203

    Just started tfp method - pool still turning green, losing fc

    Your pool is turning green because you are letting your FC drop too low. With a CYA of 50ppm, your FC should never go below 4ppm. Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart
  2. domct203

    Can't find draining valve

    You can’t properly SLAM with a DPD test kit. You need a FAS/DPD kit.
  3. domct203

    I’m confused on what readings are correct.

    Re:  I’m confused on what readings are correct. There’s always eBay for the Color Q :wink:
  4. domct203

    I’m confused on what readings are correct.

    Re: I’m confused on what readings are correct. Pool $tore testing is terrible as you have seen first hand. There is a reason that we only recommend two certain kits, and the Color Q is not one of them. Trust your K2006
  5. domct203

    Test Results - What to add? Why isn't SWG keeping up?

    Welcome to the forum! Could you please update your signature with your pools details? It still reads "17,000 Gallon IG Vinyl, Searching for Builder-not constructed yet." This info will help us help you, especially knowing what equipment you have...
  6. domct203

    New TF 100 kit and first test.

    You reported your CYA at 80ppm, now it’s 50ppm? Did you exchange a large amount water? Are you doing the CYA test outdoors on a sunny day? Keep your back to the sun and read the view tube in your shadow at about waist height.
  7. domct203

    SLAM done 2 days ago, lost all chlorine since?

    A SLAM is performed with bleach, and we specifically recommend against dichlor. Did you use 73% Cal-Hypo, or Dichlor? Each of those adds something different besides chlorine. The image below is a screenshot from the SLAM procedure.
  8. domct203

    SLAM done 2 days ago, lost all chlorine since?

    Welcome to the forum. I don’t know where you read to use 73% Cal-Hypo to SLAM, but it was not on this forum. As mentioned, your SLAM FC level is 28ppm based on your CYA of 70ppm. Always use sodium hypochlorite, aka bleach, to perform a SLAM. Please re-read the procedure, and ask any...
  9. domct203

    New Pool owners....chlorine disappearing and some (mustard) algae growing

    Do you realize that when using Trichlor, for every 10ppm of FC you also get 6ppm of CYA? The FC will be consumed, but the CYA will build up, and get you where you are today. Have you confirmed CYA with an extended test? Extended Test Kit Directions
  10. domct203

    FC 4.5 yesterday and .5 this morning :(

    Remember, algae spores (and bacteria) are microscopic. By the time you see green there are millions of them. If you lost that much FC overnight, something is brewing alright. I would SLAM. After completing the SLAM, try targeting 1 or 2 ppm higher for your daily target. My pool is under two...
  11. domct203

    Cloudiness in water

    You passed the OCLT by the seat of your pants, the water is cloudy, and you swept up a pile of unknown fine debris? What color is the debris? If this were my pool I would . What’s your CC level?
  12. domct203

    Cloudiness in water

  13. domct203

    Cloudiness in water

    Can your pool pass an ?
  14. domct203

    Pool Problems-STUMPED

    By your descriptions, you have the beginnings of an algae bloom. While you could do an OCLT to confirm, if this was my pool I would start a SLAM right away. As mentioned, you need to get your FC to 16ppm (not 10ppm) and keep it there until you pass all three criteria to end the SLAM. No Shortcuts.
  15. domct203

    TF100 the best test kit?? what accessories?

    Agree 100% FC test takes seconds.
  16. domct203

    Pump it vacuuming

    How do you test the pool? Do you know your CYA level? What is your daily FC target? If these questions seem like a foreign language, have a read through the .
  17. domct203

    Pump it vacuuming

    How are you hooking up the vacuum to the pump? Does the pool have one or two suction side connections? I would tend to agree that the pump is not going to be strong enough to vacuum well. If you maintain the correct sanitizer levels rain will have little to no impact on your pool. Remember...
  18. domct203

    Overnight SLAM question

    If the CYA is 70ppm, your FC for the SLAM is 28ppm, not 24ppm. If possible, test just before bedtime, and dose as needed to get back to 28ppm. Repeat in the AM, and as often as possible. When I had to SLAM, I started on the weekend so I could test and dose very often for the first 2 days...
  19. domct203

    Just broke up with pool guy: "it's not you.... it's me...."

    +1 It would have been best to do this before adding CYA, but if it were my pool I would do the to rule out algae as a source of FC demand.
  20. domct203

    Pool chemistry struggling

    While the chemistry and science behind it all is the same, the actual chemical levels will be governed by the city or county, and most likely will not agree with what we recommend. Please verify this before following TFP recommendations.
  21. domct203

    New pool owner with FC questions

    Don’t worry about the salt in bleach. One gallon of 12.5% liquid chlorine will raise FC about 8ppm, and only add about 14ppm of salt.
  22. domct203

    Can't figure out what is going on with my pool. Chemistry is great.

    When you add the DE, you will increase the amount of debris the filter will catch. Keep an eye on the pressure, it’s going to rise quickly as it it trapping finer (more) dirt.
  23. domct203

    Can't figure out what is going on with my pool. Chemistry is great.

    Algaecide is a preventive item. Using it during an algae bloom is like getting the flu shot after you catch the flu, futile. Algae will not hurt you. Algae is your warning that sanitizer levels are too low, and that bacteria and person to person disease can survive if this cycle continues...
  24. domct203

    Can't figure out what is going on with my pool. Chemistry is great.

    There’s quite a bit of difference between 0.1ppm and 0.01ppm when it comes to copper. I hope the algaecide you used is not copper based. I’ll also mention that the algaecide was a waste of money at this point.
  25. domct203

    Can't figure out what is going on with my pool. Chemistry is great.

    Derb22 pretty much has it covered. You need a reliable way to measure your pool, especially FC. If you are having cloudiness issues you may have the beginning of an algae bloom (remember, they are microscopic algae cells, by the time your eye detects algae there are millions of them). You...
  26. domct203

    Just got test kit...feeling overwhelmed

    I know that life can be busy, but if you don’t test, how will you know how much bleach to add? I don’t think it takes me 5 min to check FC .....
  27. domct203

    Getting a clear pool after alge in pool/transitioning away from pool store plan.

    1. No, especially if you cannot see someone in trouble at the bottom. You have no idea if the water is sanitized. 2. No. Even with the minimum CYA of 30ppm, you will need to maintain a FC of 12ppm. You will not find a test in Walmart that reads over 5ppm.
  28. domct203

    New AG pool with SWG. Need help PLEASE with water balance and "water boatmen" bugs.

    Re: New AG pool with SWG. Need help PLEASE with water balance and "water boatmen" bug Which kit did you get, the K2005 or K2006? If you have algae, a CYA of 70ppm requires a FC of 28ppm. The K2005 will not go that high. The K2005 will not be adequate for an OCLT either.
  29. domct203

    Just got test kit...feeling overwhelmed

    A SLAM takes as long as it takes to pass the 3 criteria to end. Depending on how bad the pool is, and how often you can test and dose, this could take multiple days. Don’t plan on finishing over a weekend. When I had to SLAM my pool, during the week I would check and dose before I left for...
  30. domct203

    Just got test kit...feeling overwhelmed

    You can check pH after 20-30 minutes of adding the muriatic acid if it was added into the return jet stream, and the pump was left running. Even if you had to check it three times that’s less than 90 minutes, far from all day.