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  1. frustratedpoolmom

    Pool cover help needed........

    I think the OP is talking about something like this: (at least that's what I was picturing)...
  2. frustratedpoolmom

    Pool cover help needed........

    Try one of these...
  3. frustratedpoolmom

    Small rust hole

    ugh, good luck!
  4. frustratedpoolmom

    Small rust hole

    It doesn't at all, I would too! Might be hard to find one that matches a twelve year old pool unfortunately.
  5. frustratedpoolmom

    Small rust hole

    Sure. The reason i asked about the liner age is if you may consider a new liner in the near future I would ensure a patch on both sides, to prevent future deterioration. I have a client who's wall was rusted from the crappy Hayward "lighted/aerater" return and the repair man patched on both...
  6. frustratedpoolmom

    Small rust hole

    That area will get worse, your side wall will corrode and the liner will push through. It needs to be repaired asap. I do not think this is a DIY fix, I have seen side walls collapse and this is how it starts. How old is the liner?
  7. frustratedpoolmom

    Johnny Weissmuller part question

    My pool is 17 years old this July and a have lost a few of them. I don't see how they can be replicated and actually work... ugh.
  8. frustratedpoolmom

    Can't get my pool to clear completely

    Your SLAM FC level should be 16, not 12. See the CYA/Chlorine chart in my signature. Do not use floc, it will not help. A 3 day SLAM process is typical, so have some POP and grab and adult beverage.
  9. frustratedpoolmom

    Pump recommendation

    So I'm speaking in terms of what I have to work with on my clients pools, ease of maintenance, etc. I prefer the ease of use and longevity of the Hayward products. Not a fan of the pentair dynamo. Sand filter for sure Hayward. Be sure to install a shut off valve between the skimmer / pump...
  10. frustratedpoolmom

    Planning 2019 AGP - small yard!

    Have you considered an oval? Might fit the yard better. 15' is really small, just sayin. We used a long clothes line to figure out what we wanted.
  11. frustratedpoolmom

    Solar blankets

    I've had several over the years, all types. My first (included in the pool package) was a "space-age" cover, Silver on top, blue on the bottom and was very heavy (12ml I think) and got heavier as it degraded and the bubbles began to hold water. Lasted 3 seasons and I tossed at the beginning of...
  12. frustratedpoolmom

    Moles working outside of pool edge

    Not much can be done without removing the liner and installing a foam cove. I hate when installers use sand for the cove, it doesn't last... from moles/voles but also from rain. You'll get those trenches from rainwater overflow and water displacement if you winterize and use a tarp cover. - -...
  13. frustratedpoolmom

    Saltwater Clorine Generator Help!

    Why not just use the Intex version? Alot cheaper... but to your original question with the correct adapters and fittings it can work. Probably overkill for your size pool...
  14. frustratedpoolmom

    Want Advice before buying 1st AGP

    Fair enough :) and all good points. I should have added a disclaimer that I haven't priced equipment or pumps in several years, as my last two pumps were other folk's throw aways that I asked if I could keep for parts, and then ended up installing when my pump failed. LOL The main reason I...
  15. frustratedpoolmom

    Want Advice before buying 1st AGP

    You have an inground pool. The difference in gallons will only be about 1,000. Inground pumps are different and behave differently. When vacuuming that large of an above ground pool, having a 2hp will simply work better. I know this because I have several clients with a variety of pumps and...
  16. frustratedpoolmom

    Want Advice before buying 1st AGP

    With that big of a pool, I recommend you get a 2hp 2 speed.
  17. frustratedpoolmom

    new plumbing for existing AG 20x40

    I would put unions in for each piece of equipment, so that it can be easily swapped out, without having to cut and redo plumbing.
  18. frustratedpoolmom

    Questioning pool store recommenedtion to add 38 lbs of Calcium Chloride to pool.

    I concur, if your heater is new, that would be the only reason to add calcium. low pH can cause eye irritation, as can combined chloramines. ALK up, is baking soda, at a super high price. I recommend you get one of the recommended test kits discussed on this site, and avoid the pool store...
  19. frustratedpoolmom

    Faded to white Intex liner and crystal clear water

    LOL I hear ya. My liner is 17 years old and 90% of it is white.
  20. frustratedpoolmom

    Winter Cover Pillow

    I have not used a pillow nor put one in any of my clients for the last five years. It doesn't hurt anything to skip it. If anything, the only benefit MIGHT be that it allows you to drain water from around it, at best? But when it deflates then that doesn't even work.... I started to notice...
  21. frustratedpoolmom

    Perma salt chemical question

    Two thumbs up for the above comments!
  22. frustratedpoolmom

    Perma salt chemical question

    It's been awhile since I've been active on the forum but yes, the Perma Salt system stinks. What I can't remember off the top of my head is the steps to take AFTER you order a TF100 or a Taylor K-2006. If you go to the "Advanced Search" under the search box, upper right of the screen, search...
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    Converting summer waves pool to sand filter

    Not sure if I can really help, but posting pics of the equipment you're describing would probably assist those who can advise you. :)
  24. frustratedpoolmom

    New above ground. Walls buckling?

    Yeah unfortunately it looks like the were not thorough. Was the pool purchased through a retail store? It's hard to get a hold of installers during peak install season, and often they won't return calls. Were they recommended to you by someone? Perhaps do a google search and see what...
  25. frustratedpoolmom

    Upgrading filter from Sand to D.E.

    Sometimes it takes a day or 2. IF the filter wasn't working properly you would have seen the DE blow through the return jet back into the pool....
  26. frustratedpoolmom

    Upgrading filter from Sand to D.E.

    Well I'm guessing but your waterway pump is a top discharge, for Sand, and the DE filter needs a side discharge. See if your pump is the type that can be switched. The EC40 is a good filter and should handle your pool well. If you do take the filter, be sure to inspect the inside - the...
  27. frustratedpoolmom

    Stupid Algae!!!

    Pool more green? Any chance you are on well water?
  28. frustratedpoolmom

    Hayward Powerflo LX or Matrix

    Get the sand filter with a 2 speed matrix. The pump's discharge goes on top for sand, can be switched to side for a cart filter. Is the 2 speed an option? I'd get it and run it on low speed 24/7 and use high for vacuuming. Save a lot on elec with a 2 speed pump. Hate the lids on the...
  29. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pro Series installed

    PH doesn't usually go down with chlorine addition unless it was dichlor or trichlor which can lower it slightly. You're probably ok but I'd get some stabilizer in there by tomorrow. Walmart sells it fairly cheaply.