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    I typically let it go through one or two water turnovers. So at least a day for it to fully dissolve and register.
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    Salt consumption

    I haven't had to add any salt to my salt-clients since initial spring balance, and that was with record rain levels around here this year. You're right... we used to have a saying around here like a decade ago. '90% of the people in the industry don't know anything about pool chemistry. The...
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    Intex Model 8111 should filter pump run 24/7?

    It's a small pool, so it doesn't need too much run time, is there instructions for increasing the run time? I know some models allow you to run the pump and not the SWG portion. Also be sure to keep the water balanced (have you added stabilizer?). A very key thing to note, the cartridges are...
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    High PH - low Alkalinity -- SWG

    I would not recommend a TA lower than 60 as that can cause wide swings in the pH level. Use Muratic Acid instead of dry acid. Your pH will stabilize with out much drift up if the TA is 60-70 and the only source of aeration is the SWG.
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    IC40 high salt issue - IM STUMPED

    I always thought it would generate too, but when I returned after 3 days there was only 1 FC with a CYA of 70, and I had bumped it with liquid before I left, so it should have been maintaining in the 3-4 range at 40% run time. Its connected to the Intellitouch. Thank you for those suggestions...
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    IC40 high salt issue - IM STUMPED

    I apologize for the length, but I'm not sure if there is a clue in the history that I'm overlooking.... So I have a client, this is my fourth season with them. I started maintaining the pool at the request of the builder, who was "friends" with the client. He said just handle the maintenance...
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    SWG - Adding Stabilizer but CYA still under 20ppm

    Re:  SWG - Adding Stabilizer but CYA still under 20ppm Are you on a well? If you add large amounts of chlorine to a pool with high iron content it can give the pool a greenish tint.
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    Crazy Salt readings

    Also, reading the salinity level on the controller is not always accurate. There could be an issue with the salt sensor. In any event, the cell will generate chlorine at the level "it thinks" it is, even if its different on your test. So for example I'm confident that my client's salt level...
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    Crazy Salt readings

    Are you using a speedstir, or swirling by hand?
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    Is a SWG best for overly sensitive/itchy skin?

    Borates is alot to take in, completely optional, and definitely not something we recommend to the new folk :)
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    Is a SWG best for overly sensitive/itchy skin?

    Actually Proteam Supreme is just Borates. An expensive way of getting borates in your pool. You can read about borates in Pool School.
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    How long will it take SWG to get the chlorine up

    Yes turn off the SWG. Read the linked article/instructions - and if possible, please post a full set of test results - even if you have to get it tested at the pool store....
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    Why is my new SWCG making my pool cloudy with bubbles!?

    Just one last little bit of advice - Stay upwind when adding the Muratic acid - don't breath the fumes. Your SWG is a source of aeration - the high TA combined with the cell will make your PH climb. I suspect you will be adding a weekly dose of acid until the TA drops down into range. The...
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    pentair intelechlor ic20

    Ya sounds like a sensor or two has gone bad.
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    Why is my new SWCG making my pool cloudy with bubbles!?

    If you haven't tried this, wipe the tip of the TA drop bottle with a damp cloth in between drops to remove the static charge. You may get a lower result. Then again, it explains the bubbles you're seeing at night being so pronounced. Your FC at 10 is not affecting your ph. This is not a big...
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    The PROs and CONs of SWG

    I don't see any reason as long as the cell is the last thing in the line...
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    The PROs and CONs of SWG

    Yes, exactly. I had a client stop service at the end of September because no one was using it. He never turned it off... He called my associate (I don't do inground closings) and by the time the pool was closed, in mid November, the liner had faded significantly!
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    The PROs and CONs of SWG

    I take care of lots of pools, all different types. Find out what's in your water so you can take precautions. High in CH you'll need to be diligent to prevent scale on the blades. High ALK and you'll be lowering the PH often. If there is an auto cover, you must be diligent in testing the...
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    AquaTrol Not generating-- power light on

    Re: Aquarite Not generating-- power light on Your salt is too low. If the flow light was flashing at some point, it mean there was an issue that no longer exists. It means to check the flow - maybe an obstruction at the cell, not enough pressure. Add enough salt to get to 3,000 or 3300 and...
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    New Pool, CL dropping fast, SWG not working?

    Not sure where the myth started that the FC needs to be at SLAM level to do an OCLT. As long as it's in the recommend range for your CYA a level of 4 or 5 is fine. The key is the SWG must be off and that you are testing in the same place every time. Also it's best to turn the SWG off a bit...
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    Aquarite Not generating-- power light on

    What are you getting when you hit the diagnostics button?
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    Help!! Green, crunchy hair

    shock is something you do to the pool, we call it SLAM. You use chlorine to shock/SLAM the pool. We recommend liquid chlorine. If you are not maintaining the FC at the MIN for your CYA level, you will end up with cloudy/green water. You can add chlorine slowly to raise it to your "MIN". that...
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    blue but cloudy water

    Your FC level for SLAMing the pool, is on the CYA chlorine chart. You're not close to shock level for a CYA of 85. And you'll need an FAS-DPD chlorine test, to read your FC up to 50ppm. Your test is testing Total chlorine, not Free chlorine. Click on the Pool School link and read about how...
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    Help!! Green, crunchy hair

    I put in $60 of sequesterants and it had no affect on reducing green hair. Then I did a series of drains and refills which brought the copper level down and eventually it wasn't measureable anymore. But at .3 they were still getting green hair. Thank god I found the Nexxus Aloe Rid at the...
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    Help!! Green, crunchy hair

    Copper. Iron won't turn hair green. Sequesterants keep it in suspension but it will still stain hair. My poor Bandit turned green back in the day when I didn't know better. Copper levels between .3ppm and .7ppm will still definitely stain hair sequesterants or not. Higher than .7 they can...
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    Hayward problems

    shocking is a process, not a one time application. You need to do an OCLT. Instructions are in pool school.
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    I want a trouble free pool not sure which one to get

    Avoid Ecosmarte. If you want to make the right choice then go with SWG - if you have the funds.
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    New to pools and SWG and need advice please

    If those results are accurate (which I doubt) the pool is very out of balance - just about every parameter needs adjusting. But follow timerguy's advice and read Pool School - order the kit. You won't regret it.