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  1. frustratedpoolmom

    High acid low pH

    That's my point, when you tested the chlorine 2 days prior it was high, as was your pH. After 2 days of not adding any chlorine, the pH dropped. I suspect your pH is actually 7.0... but since you only said "high" and "low" on chlorine and not actual numbers its a guess at this point.
  2. frustratedpoolmom

    High acid low pH

    Is this a spa? if you test pH after adding chlorine it will give you a false high pH reading.
  3. frustratedpoolmom

    CYA too high even after water change- looking for suggestions. NEWBIE here

    with high TA, even 10 minutes of spa aeration will drive the pH up. As stated, tap water has no CYA.
  4. frustratedpoolmom

    Water a greenish color

    Yes, you can add sequesterant at any time. If its metals it should respond pretty well. SequaSol, Jack's, GLB - those are good brands.
  5. frustratedpoolmom

    Need Help!

    So the dealer can't offer any tips? I would think they would send someone out and determine if it was covered under warranty or a result of lightening... they won't send someone out?
  6. frustratedpoolmom

    Trouble maintaining PH and Chlorine levels in my hot tub

    Your TA isn't that bad. I don't see the need to drain at all. Edit: Every time the PH hits 7.8, lower it with muratic acid to hit 7.2. It's not that tedious or problematic - I wouldn't bother draining... Just sayin.
  7. frustratedpoolmom

    Trying new method _Dichlor-then-bleach method

    I would switch to liquid now. I did a Google Search on the forum and found this article There may also be something lurking there consuming the FC (which would also explain the bad smell from before.)
  8. frustratedpoolmom


    You could maybe shock the spa with bleach and hope to precipitate out the iron... what do you mean "instantly filled with trash" ?
  9. frustratedpoolmom

    Something's eating my FC

    Siamese - the hot tub is seperate from the pool? and it's covered during the day (I assume a hard top cover?) so none of the water in the hot tub is transfered to the pool? And the Pool is holding FC fine - just not the spa? Honestly if it's just the spa, and if it's not too many gallons -...
  10. frustratedpoolmom

    Spa Frog

    We were all "told" alot of things. Most of it is pure hogwash. I'd ditch the frog - it's expensive to replace the mineral cartridge and honestly - you don't need it.
  11. frustratedpoolmom

    Spa Frog

    I'm not a fan of the Frog in general, but some use them in spas with more success than pools. You still have to maintain proper levels tho. Can you post a full set of results from the spa? How are you testing? You can read about mineral ionizers here...
  12. frustratedpoolmom

    Can I rejuvenate my Silver Ion Cartridge

    I've never heard of "rejuvination" for the cartridges. You don't need it. I suggest you just leave it empty.
  13. frustratedpoolmom

    How do we get our Jacuzzi to work correctly

    Hmmm... yeah, um, not my thing. :oops: :mrgreen: Hopefully someone who can help will be along shortly. :wink:
  14. frustratedpoolmom

    Spa Temperature Increases After Adding Chemicals

    Calcium Hypochlorite (granular chlorine or sometimes pool stores call it "shock") can have cause this type of reaction - what are the active ingredients in the chemicals you added? Have you read the article in Pool school about chlorinating your spa...
  15. frustratedpoolmom

    PLEASE HELP with SWG spa

    Leave the cover off and let the sunlight get to it. How bad is it?
  16. frustratedpoolmom

    PLEASE HELP with SWG spa

    That's correct, the swg will produce the daily chlorine, assuming there is nothing left lurking that will overwhelm it - thus another shock process/deconamination using bleach is probably a good idea. Once everything that was causing the gunk is dead via bleach, your SWG if functioning properly...
  17. frustratedpoolmom

    PLEASE HELP with SWG spa

    Well, this is a warranty covered service I hope? :) In any event, if you test and see no free chlorine, either the SWG (new) isn't producing chlorine, or something organic is consuming the chlorine. So when you test, even with a strip, and detect no chorine, you need to pour in some bleach...
  18. frustratedpoolmom

    PLEASE HELP with SWG spa

    I've never checked a filter after 1 week so I don't know if that's normal or not. :lol: Ok, you say you don't think the strips are accurate (which I agree with) but are they showing chlorine present when you use them? And if they don't, are you adding more chlorine? or are you getting low or...
  19. frustratedpoolmom

    PLEASE HELP with SWG spa

    Did you circulate the high FC water thru the piping filter before it sat overnight? How did you get the FC up to 100? I'm not aware of a test strip that goes that high... So when you test daily, what does it show, FC wise? Is this spa kept covered, uncovered? Is there CYA in the water? What...
  20. frustratedpoolmom

    Skip the SWG and go strictly BBB???

    Just be sure to follow the instructions in the article - don't forget a little CYA.
  21. frustratedpoolmom

    Heater Problems Pentair Minimax NT 400 TSI

    Welcome Bill to the forum :wave: ....while things have been picking up we are in our "slow" season, but hopefully someone with the appropriate expertise will be along to advise you shortly. :wink:
  22. frustratedpoolmom

    Issues with slime

    While a picture is worth a thousand words, a bit more info would help us help you. :wink: For example, new spa? New fill? Test results?
  23. frustratedpoolmom

    Aeration - When to use it when balancing pH and TA?

    describe the spa/hottub....specs...etc. Acid only lowers PH and TA. The process for lowering TA calls for aeration in order to get the PH to the ideal level. So you use the pool calc to determine how much acid to get the PH to 7.0. This also lowers the TA. Then you aerate to raise the PH...
  24. frustratedpoolmom

    Eliminating CC

    I agree with Richard, since the spa is new I would drain and refill. Also you can order an fAS-DPD chlorine test to supplement your current kit, separately from both Taylor and TFTestkits. It's a drop-count test, not color matching - you will like it much better. Sells for about $25 but worth...
  25. frustratedpoolmom

    Cheaper Alternative to PH Down

    Make sure you read the article in Pool School on "How to Lower TA"....tells you exactly what to do and the Pool Calc tells you how much Muratic Acid you'll need. Welcome :wave:
  26. frustratedpoolmom

    High PH/low Alkalinity

    You use acid to lower the PH and then Baking Soda to raise up the TA.
  27. frustratedpoolmom

    Circulation pump won't stop running

    Is it on a timer? Is there an on/off switch?
  28. frustratedpoolmom

    CYA missing

    I think the 3" are either 7 or 8 ounces each.
  29. frustratedpoolmom

    How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?

    I took out my link and "edit" comment. :wink: You are the wiz! :wink: :goodjob:
  30. frustratedpoolmom

    How do I use Bromine in my spa (or pool)?

    Edit, I added a link to the post above. Kinda confusing with all the editing, to be sure. :wink: