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  1. domct203

    Am I thinking correctly?

    You should be following the FC/CYA chart. Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart If your CYA is 90ppm, your daily target is 10-12ppm, and you should never allow the FC to go below 7ppm. If your CYA is 60ppm, your daily target is 7-9ppm, and you should never allow the FC to go below 5ppm. What...
  2. domct203

    Paver Sealant chemicals in my pool HELP!

    What makes you so certain it is the sealer? I would tend to agree that it’s the dirt and debris from the power wash. Follow Dave’s advise and you should be good.
  3. domct203

    Another CYA and FC Loss thread

    CYA protects chlorine from UV Rays (sunlight). The OCLT takes the UV (& CYA) out of the equation. If you are losing FC when there is no UV (sunlight), then something else is consuming FC, which would only leave organic matter (algae/bacteria).
  4. domct203

    Controlling Algae in an Environment with Perfect Chemical Balance - Phosphates?

    Your posted FC levels are meaningless without knowing a CYA level. I would ask you to post your CYA level, but you have already made it clear that you are not willing to share test results .....
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    CH always low

    What is the CH of your fill water? How much CH are you adding monthly?
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    Extremely high Cyanuric Acid level

    If you are filling the CYA view tube to the top and the black dot is visible then you have Zero CYA. Can you tell us exactly how you performed the CYA test?
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    Calcium Scale - Higher ALK - Very Low CYA - pool leak Issues

    You need a 'control' to compare against, the (not leaking) bucket is that control to compare against. Otherwise it's purely speculation if any loss observed is evaporation or leak. If your previous pool care used nothing but solid forms of chlorine (powder), those CYA and CH reading are...
  8. domct203

    Calcium Scale - Higher ALK - Very Low CYA - pool leak Issues

    Welcome to the forum. Where did you get those test results? We are going to need a complete set of test results from a reliable source, your own FAS/DPD test kit. I don't see how lowering FC to 3.0ppm with the pump off will verify a leak.... We recommend the 'bucket test'. Fill a bucket with...
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    Mystery Substance

    Welcome to the forum! What you are describing sounds like typical green algae. How exactly did you 'treat' for mustard algae? I'm not clear on your 'generally normal' comment for the pool chemistry. Please post a complete set of test results including: FC CC pH TA CH CYA If you have a FAS...
  10. domct203

    Use of rainwater to dilute cya

    30% of your 25K gallon pool is 7500 gallons. That would take almost 14 full rain barrels at 550 gallons each. How much rain do you get in the summer? Could you please clarify your location? Where exactly is ‘College Station’?
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    what is typical salt level of NON SWG pool?

    Put me in that camp... after 2-1/2 New England pool seasons I already had 1200ppm of salt (per Taylor K-1766) when I installed the SWG, almost half of the 3000ppm +/-200ppm required. Can you share your source of this info? Is this the findings of an independent study, or something from the...
  12. domct203

    Free Chlorine in the Deep End

    You are pretty much getting 6.0ppm +/- 0.5ppm, using a 10ml sample that’s +/- 1 drop. No worries there. Between not-so perfect pool water mixing and standard testing tolerance, I would expect this.
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    hydrogen peroxide

    This sums it up for me. Chlorine has helped to bring sanitary conditions to many, many parts of the world....... From drinking water to sanitary hospital environments.
  14. domct203

    hydrogen peroxide

    I'm not sure who this is directed at, but please understand that TFP's basic principles are based on science and facts, we never just 'sling statements'. As a matter of fact, I take great pride and satisfaction in the accurate and complete information found on this site.
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    CYA testing

    Which brand/type of CYA did you use?
  16. domct203

    Any technical reason OTO chlorine test limited to 5 versus 10 ppm?

    Hmm, that's an interesting response considering that Taylor also makes the reagents for the FAS / DPD test that can very accurately measure FC up to 50ppm. While that test is aimed at commercial pool services, there is nothing that states it is not to be used commercially in a residential pool...
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    why can't I just dump 2-3 big bottles of bleach in and come back later?

    I believe that conversion was just for the Spa.....
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    Welcome to the forum. How do you normally chlorinate the pool? We do not recommend adding chemicals into the filter.
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    Why is my pH so stable?

    I told the wife I'm gonna strap a snow blower on the front of a U-Haul, and the first place where someone asks us what it is, that's where we stay. I don't know what I miss more during the winter...... my pool or daylight.
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    Why is my pH so stable?

    What is your fill water pH & TA?
  21. domct203

    Why is my pH so stable?

    Ain't that the truth. This is not where I plan to spend my 'Golden Years' that's for sure, don't think I could afford to!
  22. domct203

    Why is my pH so stable?

    That's what I thought, but I really don't add that much water. I've maybe topped off three or four times, maybe 6-8" of depth in my 44" of water depth. I'm figuring it is the TA of 30ppm? I just find it strange that I can go weeks without topping off (and very little to no rain) and my pH...
  23. domct203

    Why is my pH so stable?

    pH 7.2 TA 30 CH 20
  24. domct203

    Why is my pH so stable?

    In the three seasons I've had my Trouble Free Pool, my pH has been rock solid at 7.4 This year I switched to a SWG. Expecting pH to rise I bought a new gallon of muriatic acid. Nope, pH remains at 7.4, even if the kids are splashing around and running the fountain. I'm not complaining, and...
  25. domct203

    Tarp Method to Clear a Swamp

    As mentioned, the only sanitizer in the pool is chlorine. A filter is to simply remove visible debris, it does not sanitize the water. And while some of the algae spores may get trapped in the filter, most of them, as well as any bacteria/virus that are now growing in the unsanitary water are...
  26. domct203

    Is my diluted dichlor still a viable source of CYA?

    To me, the common sense solution is to properly dispose of it, the original chemical is compromised. I wouldn't want the headache of being responsible for someone becoming ill for what amounts to $10 worth of chemicals.
  27. domct203

    How long is chlorine good for?

    Why are you "shocking"?
  28. domct203

    Screwed up: non-chlorine bleach went into pool.

    According to the SDS, it is 1-5% sodium hypochlorite, basically weak bleach.
  29. domct203

    Rodents in pool, is water safe?

    Link to this report please?