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  1. frustratedpoolmom

    Starting a renovation on older inground, Chicago

    Definitely get the CYA going, the chlorine probably gone by now. Curious on the decision to go with the DE alternative? Looking forward to meeting you in person :) and if it doesn't rain another day this summer I'd be thrilled. I don't care if my lawn would die. I just can't take any more rain!
  2. frustratedpoolmom

    1st and last new pool

    I run a pool maintenance business, using TFP methods, and I've worked on hundreds of pools and their associated filters. "just take it out and clean it" is not as simple as it seems. having shut off valves before and after helps, but there is a process to properly cleaning a cart, and it's not...
  3. frustratedpoolmom

    1st and last new pool

    The TF-100 XL from or a Taylor K-2006. Do not attempt your own cove. I would get a sand filter. I have a cart, always loved my cart filter, until I started my business and have worked with just about every filter type/brand produced. Sand is far and away the easiest from a...
  4. frustratedpoolmom

    Pool Rehab Bid Opinions

    Re: Poor Rehab Bid Opinions I work on multiple clients pools with every type of filter from the most expensive DE and Cartridge systems to sand and a variety of "alternative media" (LOL no comment). The clarity difference is not visible to the naked eye and not worth the hassle and expense of...
  5. frustratedpoolmom

    Pool Rehab Bid Opinions

    Re: Poor Rehab Bid Opinions $15,000 for equipment? That's crazy. Get a sand filter. Ditch the Nature 2 gimmick. "erosion fed" how fancy for a tablet Get a normal timer. All the automated stuff does is break and 2 or 3 years later its obsolete and you cant even get parts...
  6. frustratedpoolmom

    Oldest pool re-opening?

    I would say since it's indoor, forego the salt. Overkill, IMHO. Plus older accessories are probably not going to be corrosion resistant. Just do liquid... 5 min a day... test, add. Swim! Get a low, base level of 20-30 CYA going and add your min of FC each day, you will lose very little daily...
  7. frustratedpoolmom

    New build 33" round inset into ground...opinions appreciated

    Whatever you do, keep the equipment easily accessible. I've seen way, way too may people put equipment under a deck or in an awkward place and it just becomes tedious over time. Keep the pics coming! :)
  8. frustratedpoolmom

    Need advice on deck layout please..

    Ok well go bigger if you can cuz we didn't and I regret it. Whatever you do don't put the equipment under the deck. Not even the return. Just don't go all the way around. Maybe 1/3 to a half. Make sure you have stairs down to the ground on the equipment side... we don't and have to walk...
  9. frustratedpoolmom

    Need advice on deck layout please..

    Where will you put the equipment pad? Will there be a heater? Where is your gas meter if there will be a heater... How far around do you want the deck to go?
  10. frustratedpoolmom

    AG Pool Install -- 18x34 Doughboy

    Keep at it. It's best to get that stuff off when it's fresh, if it sits it permeates and coats the cartridge material which then later on causes it to clog up during every day use. I have a client on a well and his filter is clogged with the rust staining and it requires more frequent cleaning...
  11. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Build Houston

    Well I don't know enough about the process but I'd guess it's a problem, or could lead to a problem in the future? - something to be brought to their attention at the very least?
  12. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Build Houston

    Is that a small crack in the gunite right above where the water pattern is?
  13. frustratedpoolmom

    Buying a used AGP

    Rob! Glad to hear the pool is alive and well. LOL
  14. frustratedpoolmom

    New season means pool reno

    Can't give you an answer but just wanted to say welcome :-)
  15. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Build West Michigan

    Well I dunno much about building but can I come swim? Only about 2 hours away... lol Good luck getting your questions answered and with your build - hope the weather cooperates with your timeline! :-)
  16. frustratedpoolmom

    24ft pool

    Most recently I've seen 54" - the newer pools. Those about 10 years old tend to be 52" the older pools tend to be 48.
  17. frustratedpoolmom

    painting a gunite pool

    Use the "google search" feature - bottom left corner, to search for threads with tips on painting pools. :)
  18. frustratedpoolmom

    Baltimore Pool House Build

    No potty? :) lol
  19. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Quote - Help Please, newbie

    Read as many threads in the build/construction forum as your eyes will allow LOL Get everything in writing :) Take and share with us lots of pics.... Get one of these and one of these...
  20. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Quote - Help Please, newbie

    It depends on the size of the pump, the runtime. If its a variable or 2 speed pump that has a low setting then yes, running it 24/7 is fine and on the lower speeds actually costs less than less run time on high speed. Hope that makes sense... The bigger the filter the better - that's not...
  21. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Quote - Help Please, newbie

    2" plumbing i hope?
  22. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Quote - Help Please, newbie

    I guess my thinking on free form pools is the more circulation the better. I am treating a large free form around 40,000 gallons and it has three skimmers and there is always one corner, depending on the wind direction where all the crud keeps blowing. They needed to either move one of the...
  23. frustratedpoolmom

    New Pool Quote - Help Please, newbie

    If you can add a skimmer and a return or two... You can get the Taylor K-2006 through Apollo What's in the $500 chem kit? Prob nothing you need and you can get what you need for less.... Good luck with the build! :wave:
  24. frustratedpoolmom

    Black algae, low FC with a SWG

    You don't need algaecide. I would say raise your FC up to 16. The trick to killing BA is to brush it frequently to knock the heads off. You don't need anything but chlorine and elbow grease. Don't worry about your CH for now - as long as you keep your PH 7.6 or lower with Muratic Acid you...
  25. frustratedpoolmom

    We drained the pool to power wash it and clean it up

    bump...hope this had a good update?
  26. frustratedpoolmom

    Newbie uncovering a filled-in pool

    Such a cool thread - haven't seen it till now. Can't wait to see the finished product. A first for me too - now you have a great pictorial to show people. :)
  27. frustratedpoolmom

    Concrete pool up north

    :mrgreen: :oops: :mrgreen: awe... :wink:
  28. frustratedpoolmom

    Concrete pool up north

    Happy Easter Matts (fingers crossed) :)