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    - Hayward

    Good morning, Did some basic troubleshooting; Power Cycle; Cable Check on pump, Cable Check on Panel, remove and clean terminals but the error persists. I can turn the pump on manually via the top panel and set timers, but that obviously doesn't help the automation/variable speed/timers side...
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    Hayward 1.5' LED Light Glued In - Need To Replace, Cant Get It Out!

    My Pool Builder continues to haunt me :) I have had TWO Hayward 1.5" LED lights go bad on me, both with under 200 hours on them. Not very impressed with Hayward to say the least... Luckily the larger Spa and Pool lights have not been an issue, these seem to be made better. Regardless I went...
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    Builder Installed Wrong Finish Travertine - Demand Replacement?

    Hey Guys, I'm in the final stages of building the pool and have a problem before the final $8,000 payment. It turns out the builder installed "honed and filled" travertine on the decking. Since it is honed and filled it is perfectly smooth and has no texture/porousness to it. This creates a...
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    PebbleTec Drain & Acid Wash 2 Month Old Pool!?!

    well the saga continues... We noticed some color inconsistency about a month after the pool was filled. I swam down and inspected it and noticed that the darker areas appeared to have less of the fine aggregate present exposing more of the pebbles in the finish. I contacted the...
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    No Pool Circulation After PebbleTec. Problem?

    Long story short my pool builder is having electrician issues and I have no pool circulation. Supposed to be done Friday and it wasn't. Then they promised first thing this morning. Now they wont be here until tomorrow. PebbleTec was Friday. Acid wash Saturday and began filling. Pool was filled...
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    Pool, Spa & Kitchen Build - Houston, Texas Excavation Date 3-23-15

    Hey all, Finally got a excavation date of 3/23. Gunite is set for 3/25 - Going to be a busy week! Pool Info POOL POOL SIZE: 15’ X 49’ PERIMETER: 144 LN.FT. AREA: 773 SQ.FT. BENCH : 2 STEPS : 2 DEPTH : 3 ½’ – 6 – 3 ½’ TILE : 2” X 2” Frost Proof Decorative Tile. Tile markers...
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    Pool Quote - Please Review & Input

    So we are down to the final negotiations with our most preferred builder. Very similar to a previous quote with the exception that this builder uses Hayward equipment. Let me know if yall have any input/suggestions. Thank you! POOL POOL SIZE: 15’ X 49’ PERIMETER: 144 LN.FT. AREA: 773...
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    Pool Price Negotiating - What Was Your Experience?

    Just wondering what everyones overall experience was when negotiating price. Did you pay full price or get the builder to come down? If so how much and what did it take (comparing other quotes, warranty, etc?) Curious how much wiggle room these builders have in their pricing.
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    DEMO Remove and haul away 512 sq. ft. existing rough concrete patio, fire pit, planters, and pergola GUNITE POOL 49 ft. x 13 ft., 675 sq. ft., 139 ft. perimeter 3/8 in. rebar on 8 in. centers with continuous bond beam of 1/2 in. rebar 4,500 psi gunite ATTACHED GUNITE SPA 12 ft. X 8.5 ft...