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    Eco-Smarte tried to get me to install a system!

    I got a call yesterday from them. I was stunned! The guy on the other end had no idea who he was talking to. He actually tried to pitch me so I had some fun! First he told me NASA was using the technology and so I asked him for what? Then I asked him about the lack of an effective residual to...
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    Sad but true story

    Thanks to Myles, a fellow pool pro I know in DC. What the person did to get the cops on his case, I have no idea but the results, oh, the results! ... mming-pool Scott
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    To All My Friends, MErry Christmas

    May there be happiness and joy in all you do. Have a very Merry Christmas 2011. ∩ │◥███◣ ╱◥███◣ ╱◥◣ ◥████◣▓∩▓│∩ ║ │╱◥█◣║∩∩∩ ║◥█▓ ▓█◣ ││∩│ ▓ ║∩田│║▓ ▓ ▓∩ ║ •°*”˜˜”*°•...
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    TDS and Saturation Index

    Split from this topic. JasonLion Dave, don't be so quick. Here's some coffee. @[_]~~~ Saturation indexes are important, especially to those in areas with high CH in the fill water. Scott
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    Attn: East Coasters in Irene's path

    Public service message: Do not cover your pool. It could blow away. This includes those with automatic covers. Unless your pool and it's equipment are on your homeowners, the repair is on you. Boost your chlorine level to 10X the proper level shortly before it hits. 6% Bleach like Clorox or...
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    Why would R-8 turn water red and not green?

    I opened a pool today. 2 drops R7 then 5 of R-8 and the water tuned pinkish red like a chlorine test. I have never seen that before. CL is 0 and pH is no more than 6.8 . Will an extremely low pH cause this? Scott
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    The Latest Swim University E-Mail

    Somehow I got on their list. Their email had a pointer to this article. It claimed as a way to save money, run the pool system at night. I had to respond. It should be at the bottom. I looked at his credentials and had to laugh. I didn't realize be on Martha Stewart made him an authority...
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    A very interesting article in Aqua Magazine scale in a sWCG

    There are a couple of minor nits but overall, I think it's pretty good reading. Scott
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    Can't say I blame the dog for not wanting to jump in.

    Watch this dog. Smart dog! ... r_embedded Scott
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    Don't try this at home

    Don't try this at home ... de-2003543 Scott
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    Hopefully the last storm of 2010 in NJ

    I got close to 20" and now have a steady 30 knot wind and am expecting gusts to 50! Scott
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    What will Pool stores be like in 20 years?

    What will they sell instead of chems? With more and more BBBers, low margin items like tabs in the stores won't support the rent and (cough cough) staff. Scott
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    Shoutout to "waste".

    Where are you? Hope the new job is going well. While packing is a PITA, unpacking takes so long. 80% in 2 weeks and the last 20% takes a year. We miss ya! Before long, if you don't get back soon, I will overtake your number of message replies. Scott
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    This is my 1000th post!

    Took a while but it was worth it! Scott
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    Does temperature affect SWG cells when winterizing?

    Note: Modified Topic title. AFAIK, temperature drops can effect the bond of the coating to the plates. The two have slightly different expansion and contraction rates. While Ruthenium is a metal, Ruthenium Oxides are crystalline and is used to prevent corrosion. Because it's crystalline, the...
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    Snowmageddon Feb 2010

    Snow began in Waretown NewJersey at 9 pm tonight. I am expecting between 1-2 feet. Average consensus is 18". Oh Joy. I miss the Summer. Scott
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    NESPA Pool and Spa Show in AC

    I will be going on Wednesday and Thursday. Anyone else going? I love it when I can shake hands with people I've met on line. Putting a face to a name is always a good thing. Anyone need something checked out? Scott
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    Winterizing and the SWG cell

    Split off of should i bring in the cell in the winter? with opening quote added for context. JasonLion Jason, I disagree with that. The coating and the blades expand and contract at different rates/amounts. Leaving the cell in the cold can cause the coating to flake off as a result of this temp...