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    Help with pump motor

    The pump motor will have been installed 2 years this july. It’s already making a loud annoying noise. I’m thinking bearings need to be replaced. Problem is I’m having trouble finding what parts I need to fix it. Would like to have parts when I tear into it. Also what all would you have to...
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    Help with pool vacuum

    I have a 33’ round AGP. Roughly 26,000gal I do not like the vacuum that came with the pool so in the market for a new one. Don’t know if I want suction vs pressure. Any help would be appreciated
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    New Stenner Pump install

    Recently installed a Stenner Pump it’s the 85 17gpd pump. If I did it right it should pump around 1.51 oz a minute. It has a #2 tube. Would it be best to pump chlorine into pool 1st thing in morning all at once while sun isn’t out to get more life out of the chlorine before the sun kills it. Do...
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    Liquid chlorine pump.

    Have a 33’ round above ground pool. Going to go ahead and buy a pump for the liquid chlorine( since I done ruined all my shirts and pants from little bleach spots). What brand and pump size would be a good choice. Also what size reservoir would you suggest for the liquid bleach. Last year was my...
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    Closing question

    Closing the pool now. Brought the Chlorine level up to slam level. Had the wife go to pool store to get some algicide, she came home with baquacil algicide. Will this be ok to use.
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    Shocking question

    My test results tonight were F.c. 3 C.c. 0 pH. 7.5 Alk. 90 Cya. 40. Water is crystal clear. Can see bottom at night time from the moon. Going to add some bleach in a few. But my question is as long as my pool test results stay the same and my combined chlorine stays 0 is there a need to shock...
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    Chlorine and stabilizer question

    Bought my pool last year, so this is my second season. Opened pool and it was crystal clear. just about got my #'s to where I want them (I think). Been reading a bunch of post but need some help. Test results are. F.c.-3.8 C.c.-0 Ph-7.5 Alk-100 Ch-90 Cya-40. Been putting in the 3 in stabilized...