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    New Pool Recommendation - SWG, Pump, and raised equipment pad?

    Hey All, I'm about to do a new pool construction in Houston, TX in the floodplain. Dimensions are roughly 30'x15' w/ a 6' tanning ledge (3 bubblers), depth is still to be decided but a v shape (shallow->deep->shallow) somewhere in the range of 4'-5.5', so I think it's 12k-16k gallons. I'm...
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    Help w/ quote new pool - Houston, TX

    Jim, I'm still a bit confused on the pump situation. The Pump Basics post seems to suggest that it's a good idea to have a high HP pump dedicated for the spa, and then have another pump for the pool. If we go SWCG, is it correct that we'd want at least a 2 speed pump for the pool...low so...
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    Help w/ quote new pool - Houston, TX

    Hello All! Forum has been great so far. I figured I'd go ahead and get a post in asking for help/direction on a new pool build as I definitely need it! We're in Houston and in the floodway, which apparently adds some additional regulations/requirements due to the flooding issues. We're...