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    Recurring rust spots

    I have a half a dozen or so rust spots in my pool. Took the advice of the forum and they easily came off with some vitamin C. But three weeks later, they’re back. Is this just how it’s going to be? Using vitamin C every few weeks? Or is there something else at play.
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    Best Pool Float Organizer

    We’ve been looking around online for something to store our pool floats so they aren’t just sitting on the deck. There don’t seem to be many options and the ones out there have poor reviews. It’s even harder that we’re limited to online options right now. Any advice on a good pool organizer...
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    K1000 results higher than FAS/DPD

    When I tested my pool today, visually the K1000 looked to be in the 5-10 ppm range. When I checked it using FAS/DPD, it only came out to 3.5 ppm. The discrepancy is pretty troubling to me since I was planning on using the K1000 as my daily test once I got the level below 5 ppm. Any advice? For...
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    Muriatic Acid addition via Stenner Pump

    Can you point me to more info on this muriatic avoid addition? Is there one compatible with Jandy or was it DIY?
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    Aqualink PDA4 Functionality

    My dig starts Monday and at that point my PB will be ordering equipment. Right now he has me down for the Aqualink PDA4 system for IFC, chiller, heater, and spa jets. My question is if the aqualink PDA4 has “weekend” functionality. I’m on a free weekend electricity plan where I pay a higher...
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    New Build in Houston

    Hey All, I'm in the final stages of selecting a PB (started with ~6 of them and am down to the final 2). The pool is going to be a small 18'x24', 4' to 6' deep geometric design with level corner spa, tanning ledge, and a standing ledge on one wall. The PBs I've narrowed down to seem to favor...