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    Pollen has turned my clear pool green HELP

    My beautiful clear pool is now green in a matter of 48 hrs from a massive drop in pollen pods the last two days. I am freaked out. What should I do???
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    Pool moved to new house now what

    We had our 1yr old pool taken down and moved to our new house yesterday and today. On my last pool build a year ago we had rolled shingles put down with sand ontop of that. This time we used our old liner in the bottom a layer of sand and then armorshield with cove. Last year the weather was...
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    Moving new pool to new house???

    We had our pool installed Sept.2010 and now we are buying a new house so the pool will be moved. I have a few questions about doing this. 1. Should we pay a company to move the pool and reinstall the pool for us? or should we take the pool down ourselves and pay them to install for us? 2. Do...
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    pool cleaner help

    I have the wahoo baracoda pool cleaner but need something else. We get lots of leave, pine needles and sand so what do you think I should get???
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    - what next

    Here are my levels as of this morning free chlorine = 0.6ppm combined chlorine = -0.6 pH = 7.7 hardness= 0.0ppm alk = 110ppm cyanuric acid 35ppm I was told to add (pool store) 5lbs of stabilizer 1lb.50oz sodium bisulfate 33lbs 16.0 oz calcium hardness My pool is a 13594 gal. ABG with SWG...
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    what the heck is the trick with the Ladder

    My husband and I have tried several times to install our A Frame ladder and can't seem to get it right. It a monster to get into the pool and just seems to wobblie. The fin thats on the back of the ladder keeps touching the wall of the pool and those stupid metal poles are a joke. I read the...
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    What next ??? ABout Aquatrol

    Ok so my pool went in on Thursday. I took my water sample to the pool store and added the amount of Salt, ALK, and Stabilizier and then turn the pump on for 24hrs. Yesterday at 11am I turned the Aquatrol in to super chlorinate for 24hrs to shock the pool and bring the chlorine up. Today at 11am...
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    Now he wants a heater....

    Our pool was just installed on Sept.26th and my husband think we should look into getting a heater so we can use it longer. We got the pool mainly for my daughter who has cerebral palsey to use for leg PT and strength building. So what is the best ABG pool heater we can get thats really going to...
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    foot print in bottom of pool

    I just had my pool installed on Thursday. I HAD to leave right before they put the liner in to get my kids from school so I never really got to see what the sand under the liner looked like. Anyway I turn on my pool like last night because I because I misunderstood the directions for adding...
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    putting chemicals in the pool for the 1st time - IS this cor

    Pool is filled and has about 12,500 to 13,000 of water in it. I took my water sample to the store and this is what is said Total Chlorine = 0.00 pH = 6.5 everything else was 0.00 So the store told me to add all this 10- 40lbs of salt 7lbs. Alkcalinity 12lbs Calcium ( dissolve and pour...
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    OMG tell me everything is going to be ok

    I just went out to check on the ABG pool install and there are scratches on the wall of the pool down to the metal in one area. I am freaking out and called the pool dealer and now I'm waiting on a call back. The installer tells me that its no big deal and it won't rust but I'm upset. Mind you...
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    rolled shingles under pool

    I was told that buying buying 5 rolls of "Rolled Shingles" is the best thing to put under my AGP to keep grass and weeds from breaking through. Has anyone heard of this??
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    Kinda confused

    I have had a SWG on my Intex pool for a year and never tested water before adding the salt. All I did all year was test the water during the year with test strips. Now I get on this sight and see people testing with all kinds of testers and testing before adding salt. So my questions are...
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    ABG electrical question

    We are set to start the install of our ABG pool next week. I was told that the elect. is something I need to take care after the install. I was told I should get a seperate line run out to the pool and then to the breaker box. So my question is this---- Is this true and will my pool be ok to run...
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    Is this right ????

    I am about to buy a ABG pool. I am going with 1.5Hp pump single speed. After posting in here I was told to go with the 2 speed pump but when I called the dealer they said that they no longer carry the Pentair 1.5hp Dynamo pump 2 speed because of issues with it breaking down. He told me that...
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    around outside of AG pool deco

    Do I need to have rocks brought in to made a boarder around our pool once its installed or is it ok to to just let the yard grow in around the pool bottom. I am having weed killer Zap-it mixed in with the 4yrds of sand they are putting down before installing the pool. We just are sure if we...
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    Above ground pool quote - what do you think

    Ok so we are taking the step to upgrade from our 5yr old 15x48 Intex SWG pool to this Seaspray Evolution 24ft Upgraded A frame resin ladder Aquatrol saltwater gen. light 4yrds of builders sand for leveling Zaps-it weed killer 22"Pentair Sand Dollar filter 4 bags of filter sand widemouth skimmer...
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    Looking for pics of pool decks for above ground pools.

    I am getting the Seaspray Evoluction 24ft pool sometime in August. I am now looking for a pool deck and plan. I haven't decided if its something I will build or hire someone to do for me. I have seen a pic of a Intex pool on here that had a awsome deck but want to see more. Thanks!!!
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    Looking for the best above ground I can get??? I have a few?

    I have a 15ft intex pool for 5yrs now and my SWG/Pump combo went out last month. I figure its high time I up grade our pool now to something big and better that will last the beating my 4 kids will put on it. So I have been looking at the Seaspray Evolution and the Seaspray Genesis54. I have...