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  1. Van G

    Water Boatman - Algae or Dog Hair?

    Had these guys show up lately as we are in a heat wave (for Ontario). Our water is clear and my FC has never dropped close to zero. Current Test FC 4 CC .5 PH 7.6 TA 60 CYA 50 Salt 1800 Temp 83 Added to take CYA to 60 and PH to 7.4 Water has gone a little murky after heavy use but quickly...
  2. Van G

    Paramont UltraClear to help SWG?

    Our AquaRite Low Salt SWG struggles to keep our pool at 4 FC with our heavy use and hot temps, even with 14 hr pump run time. We keep our pool very clean, use filter socks, and service the equipment appropriately. Paramount UltraClear (Ozone and UV) claims to reduce chlorine needs by 80%...
  3. Van G

    Cartridge Filter Drain vs. Cleaning

    I know my cartrdige's are fairly clean and pressure is really low but when I do clean the cartridges, the water in the filter rez is pretty dirty. Wondering if the filter is isolated with valves, would it be useful to simply drain the filter rez (open pressure valved on top and drain on...
  4. Van G

    Real World for Dolphin Clever Clean Mapping

    Currently using a Hayward Aqua Vac QC and it does a decent job but the short coming is navigation of the pool -> first world problems! Wondering if anyone is using the new Dolphins with Clever Clean? Does it actually map the pool and able to clean features like stairs, benches, sun ledge, etc...
  5. Van G

    Murky/Cloudy Water 4 Days After Slam

    I passed OCLT on Saturday and am eagerly awaiting FC to drop below 10 so I can touch up the other levels and do some polar plunges w/ hot tub relief... Water is getting clearer but still not crystal clear. I followed SLAM to a T and continue to skim and vac. Pump is running 5 hrs a day to help...
  6. Van G

    Venting Hayward NG Heater

    I built a small shed around my equipment last year and will finish with doors this spring which means I need to vent heater. I have the H-Series NG 350K BTU Heater converted with the Heat Fab EZ Seal 8” kit but need some straights , elbow, and horiz wall penetration. This stuff is crazy...
  7. Van G

    Closing Pool without Cover

    We use our spa and pool well into November here in Toronto. We also open early for the same reason. Friend with a new pool do similar but there pool company closes the pool except no cover. Since this is done when leaves have fallen and water is below 50, is it something I should consider...
  8. Van G

    Algae Spots form in SLAM

    Long story short - I had algae show up in spots when my FC dipped down to 1 after a storm. I slammed earlier in the season but in hindsight, I didn’t clean the cartridge filter since my pressure is always good (rookie!). So this time I opened up the cartridge and sprayed them to near new white...
  9. Van G

    Understanding AQR-15-LS

    I just added the daughter board to connect the AQR to our Omni Hub and had a call with Hayward which confused me: Tech told me that the AQR, when set at 100%, will generate for 90 mins in a day, and then be done even though showing generating on unit. I’ve been thinking I need to play with...
  10. Van G

    CYA Decreased After SLAM

    Had to SLAM our pool last week due to SWGC being dirty and not producing enough chlorine + roookie mistake on not adding bleach after a few big parties... Anyway, coming down from SLAM at 24 PPM: FC 8 CC .5 PH 7.4 CH 100 CYA 35 TA 90 Salt 1800 Everything is where I thought it would be but...
  11. Van G

    Upgrade from Aquavac QC

    Looking for suggestions on what to replace our Hayward Aquavac QC with? It does an alright job but I'm hoping there is another Bot out there that maps the pool better and can handle the features of our FG pool better - 18" tanning ledge, stairs from ledge to main body, deep end benches. I...
  12. Van G

    Air Bubble Build in Pump - Spa Mode

    I was worried for a while that I had developed a leak over the winter but after employing my daughter to mask up and watch the suctions in the Spa, 'we' discovered that the air jets on the spa had some of their bubbles taken in by the suction. If we run the spa for a couple hours, the result is...
  13. Van G

    Order to Add Chemicals?

    Opened our pool today and got it nice and clean. Water is a little cloudy but otherwise clean. I closed very late last year when temps were low which would explain the lack of algae. My test results: Ambient Temp: 65F Water Temp: 57F FC: 0 (should I slam? or take to 5) TC: 0 PH: 6.8 (113 oz...
  14. Van G

    DIY Solar Loops vs. Panels

    Going to install solar on our unshaded pool shed (12x20 low pitch black metal roof). I’ve seen many DIY projects using 1/2” or 3/4” ABS plastic tubing. Has anyone created a large DIY array or should I stick with 2x12 panels to make the array? We have a 350K NG Hayward heater as well and will...
  15. Van G

    Top up Pool with Winter Thaw

    I’ve got a simple tarp on my pool which has about 20” of water now. I closed my pool late and will open early. Any problem using the thaw water to top up the pool? I’ll use a pump in filter bag to take it off the top to minimize debris and then remove the cover.
  16. Van G

    Solar Install for next Season - Toronto

    Coming up on our first full season and I'm thinking about adding solar to assist in heating. I built a 12x20 shop with a low slope roof facing south with the intention of laying out 3/4" ABS plastic coils (DIY solar). Now that I'm reading more it looks like the Heliocol and SunHeater style of...
  17. Van G

    Winter water level in FG Pool

    Just closed our pool today but couldn’t find the proper water level for FG pool (Toronto, Canada). Currently I have it 4 inches below the skimmer which has the water midway on the pool returns and lights. I would say there is still 14k gallons left. I’ve got all the lines blown out and...
  18. Van G

    Handheld Cleaner for Steps and Spa

    Was looking at Kokido Vektro v300 cordless vac but it requires 46 cm min depth. I want to be able to vac steps and spa with handheld. The steps are only a few inches below water? Prefer to spot clean these as opposed to brushing.
  19. Van G

    Fitting suggestion to connect Shop Vac to Union

    Shop Vac is 2 1/2” hose. Both my suction and return lines have 2” Sch40 unions once I take the pump and SWG out. Anyone know the part(s) need to make that connection so it stays on by itself so I can work on the other end?
  20. Van G

    Frozen Suction line on Spa

    So this is super fun... We kept our pool open for the holidays and all was well until I went away for the weekend and the spa was used but when finished the pool preset was selected which means the spa suction lines are closed at the 3-way. It's been very cold for 2 days. So the water is 15 C...
  21. Van G

    Frist Time Closing FG Pool - Toronto

    We've max'd out our first season hoping for a warm Nov/Dec but it looks less and less likely, so we're going to close it up. Couple questions: I'm going to use an old school winter cover: Q: Can I leave the solar blanket on underneath cover? Or will it get damaged in the freeze? I only ask...
  22. Van G

    Rink on top of Pool for Winter

    Thinking of building a platform over top of the whole pool (16 x 40) so we can have a rink. I would use pressure treated 2x10 for the cross members and rim board. Sheet it with 3/4” plywood and then poly to hold the rink water. Not expecting anyone to have done this but wondering if it will...
  23. Van G

    Hayward Spa Jet Nylon Soacer Placement

    Our Hayward Spa Jets do not produce bubbles and I’ve read here that all the nylon spacers need to be set a certain way. Anyone have an image or video on how to service these and properly seat the spacer?
  24. Van G

    Tiny Bubbles from Return

    For the past month the first return jet for both the pool and spa have tiny bubbles coming from them when the pump runs on its std schedule at 40%. The bubbles are very fine and come out at a moderate rate. The pool has 2 jets on a shared 1.5” flex feed. The spa has 4 “jacuzzi” jets sharing...
  25. Van G

    Pool Cover for Extra Long Season

    We’re considering keeping our pool open to possibly Christmas Holidays. What are our cover options once we get past the shoulder months? We have a 10 mil bubble cover already but are there more insulating options? I realize these will be a hassle to use.
  26. Van G

    Pump Schedule

    Had a Hayward tech come out and work with me to setup the Omni automation. He setup the pump to run at 40% for the full day. First pool so this is new but our swim tonight I found the water over chlorinated (observed not measured). I’ll test in the morning. I dialled down the SWG to 20% from...
  27. Van G

    New Build - Equipment Plumbing

    Looking for input on how to plumb my equipment. Tristar VS900 Omni Swim and Clear 425 Sqft Cartridge Filter H Series 400K NG Heater AquaRite LowSalt SWG Pool is 18k FG pool with spa. All lines are 1 1/2” flex. Some basic questions: 1. Do I need to convert the Skimmer auctions to 2” and...
  28. Van G

    Setting Skimmer Height

    Doing our cooing and need to set the skimmer at finished height. I have an extension sleeve in addition to the skimmer too and cover. Do I PVC glue the sleeve in place and then screw the top portion to the extension sleeve?
  29. Van G

    ValueBot for FG Pool w/ Features

    Would love help in picking a Bot Cleaner but am concerned about spending $1500-2000 on a Bot that will have issues with the stairs, seats, spa, and safety ledge of our pool - LP Ultimate 40. Assuming a Bot will have issues with the safety ledge and stairs. So I’m preparing to be active with...
  30. Van G

    Pool Coping Mortar and Grout Choices for SW Pool

    We’re going to lay our coping this weekend. Any specific type of mortar or grout that should be used for Salt Water pool? 1/4” joint size? Seal stone and grout? Stone is Ebony Granite, flat face with beveled edge, 2”x12”x4’ We’ll play around with overhang but I think 1/4” or so is best with...