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    Amazon Smile

    Well this is sort of pool related... Amazon Smile is now available in the phone app as well as the webpage. So you can support TFP even when you're buying from your phone...
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    PWM SWGs (Circupool 4th gens) and CYA

    From here, @chem geek said a long time ago the following: Salt Water chlorine Generation (SWG) pools seem to require a higher level of CYA, about 70-80 ppm, to operate efficiently. The theory is that the CYA is slow to "store" the chlorine as it is being generated so without enough CYA there is...
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    Need advice on replumbing for my SPA

    Hi TFP! Whenever I changed my valves to activate the SPA my filter pressure on my filter shoots up to some god awful number. Like 30 psi, up from a normal 10-15psi. Which skeeves me out. I feel like the filter top is gonna shoot off or explode or something. To counteract this I’d been...
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    I need to make a water trap

    Hi TFP I'm adding sensors to my DIY controller and I need some hydrodynamics advice. The sensors I'm using aren't supposed to get dry so I need to keep them in the pool water at all times. I was thinking of creating a p-trap to my pad plumbing like they do on sinks to keep water there. Will...
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    My new automation system.

    EDIT 8/18/2019: Node-RED flows now stored on github. Youtube videos here: Hardware / Node-RED programming --- Hi all. I wanted to share my new automation system with someone. My wife and kids don't really care but I think it's pretty neat. :laughblue: Today all it does is the web interface...
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    Part identification.

    Can anyone tell me what these plus looking things are? I have one one the floor midway of my pool and two near the drain/returns In the deepend.
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    What is this white tube sticking out of the ground?

    Can anyone give me their best guess to what the capped off tube to the right of the plumbing is? The one marked IDK. - - - Updated - - - Also, I found this in my pool. The pool company documents show it to be a connection for the sucker robots. Could the capped off tube be related to...
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    Bought a pool (and a house) today.. High CYA

    Hi all! I've been reading this forum for a solid month while waiting for settlement of my new house. I've been chomping at the bit to post here! I have my test kits, my bleach, and I am READY! So I signed the papers to buy the house today, walked in the front door, right out the back door and...