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    New Pool in Richmond, TX

    Hi friends, would love input on a pool we have started finalizing and hoping to sign on soon. We are first timers, so really no expertise in all of this. As a background- we are a big extended family with several family members who cant swim but would lounge. My kids are 16, 8, and 7 and pretty...
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    PB recommendation Houston/Sugar Land/Katy/Richmond

    Hi all- looking for a PB recommendation. This is our first build. We have met with many companies that do pools. So far one has the best design- but wondering how to find who does better builds and is more responsive if things go wrong after? Does it matter? If there is a cheaper PB that can do...
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    Why do PB's not like SWCG?

    So- is there a reason why most PBs are opposed to SWGs? We are in the process of planning a new build (1st time) and everyone is talking us out of it- however no consistent alternative. Some say ozone is better, some say bromine, some say UV plus ozone. I dont know who to believe. I have severe...