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    Pool Bid critique

    Hi everyone, we have narrowed it down to one PB and added in our options etc. Just wanted to see what you guys thought of the build and if the quotes look reasonable for Houston, TX. The equipment is all Jandy. The bid has come in at 53 for travertine and 55 for cantilevered deck. General...
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    New pool bids - Woodlands, TX

    Alright! So we got five PBs to come out and talk with us. Two were booted because of unprofessional behavior and inability to provide details on estimates etc. Our quotes include spa and non-spa option because we were not sure about what would be best for us in Tx. Pool Images have been edited...
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    Recommendations for PB in Woodlands, Tx

    We are just starting on the process of putting in a pool and want to get some recos. Being new to the area we don’t have many personal recommendations to go off. Our preference is for a SWG pool. TIA!