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    See-sawing FCl in bromine tub

    I posted a while back that I bought a house that came with a hot tub, and knew nothing about it. Eventually I ended up hiring a local hot tub company to come out and do an Ahh-Some purge, clean it, refill it, and get it started right. It seemed ok at first, but now I'm having a problem where I...
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    Bought house with hot tub, know nothing

    Hi. We bought a house that has an existing freestanding hot tub. This was not necessarily a feature we were looking for, but since we have it, I thought we might as well try to enjoy it (if we fail to enjoy it, or it ends up being too much trouble, I suppose we'll get rid of it)...
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    Super long lighter for fire pit?

    This is kind of random, but does anyone have a really long (longer than the normal “long” candle lighters) lighter for lighting their fire pit? My wife gets skittish having to basically put her hand down into the fire pit to light it with a standard candle lighter, so I thought something longer...
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    Wet-rated ceiling fans

    Do any of you have wet-rated ceiling fans you like, and that have been holding up for a while? I’m having a hard time narrowing down what I want, so photos would also be really helpful. Ours will be going in a white pergola, and most likely I’m going for fans without lights. Thanks!
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    Non-permanent AC-powered grill light

    This might be a weird question for this forum, but you folks seem pretty resourceful, so I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction... I actually stumbled across this site because I'm beginning to think (my wife might say "fantasize") about completely re-doing our back yard...