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    Pool Math Problems

    Good afternoon Pool Peeps. I down loaded the Pool Math app to help me keep track of my pool parameters. I have signed into the app entered all the pool setup info and twice now and it wont keep the information. I came into the forum to see that others are having different problems with the...
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    Trouble with Vacuum and pump.

    yes we were. After some more sleuthing around on the internet we found out about removing the flapper from the skimmer prior to adding the plate for the vacuum hose. This has corrected the problem to the point of the vacuum working better. Thank you for your time and answer to my question.
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    Trouble with Vacuum and pump.

    Hello everyone I have a question about using a vacuum system for the Summer Waves Elite Series 14' x 42' Round swimming pool. The pool comes with the SkimmerPlus® Filter Pump System. The trouble we are having is that the pump sucks more water than the vacuum line can supply. The vacuum line...
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    Hi from Vancouver Island BC Canada

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Cathy is my name. I love having a pool in the backyard to cool off in. The pool I have for now is a 12' by 40" deep round pool. aka glorified kids pool but hey it works for me for now. I have many questions and answers to seek out as become more...