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    How soon to use a robot cleaner

    How soon after a River Rok plaster finish can a robot pool cleaner be used? would fresh plaster dust damage the robot?
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    Why is Cyanuric acid high in a newly filled pool? What can we do to lower it?

    Hi, Our pool was finished with River Rok plaster and we are filling the pool with hose water. I tested the water coming out of the hose and the Cyanuric acid reading is zero. I did this twice to be sure. When I test the water in the pool the reading of Cyanuric acid is 250! (also checked several...
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    Concrete pool construction help

    We would like some pool construction advice. We have an in-ground rectangle poured concrete pool. The concrete shell was poured last year. As the floor was very uneven, the contractor made a concrete mix to level the floor which he made 1.75" thick on top of the base slab and he laid down thin...