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    Feeling a bit Gun Shy

    Hello All, I'm going to take off my cover later today I peaked and the water looks nice and clear, I have been running the pump all day wanted the water mixed up before testing. Im a bit gun shy beind last year was my first year doing the TFP program, please look at my results and let me know if...
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    taking my winter pool cover off need some guidance

    Hello all, last summer I started on the TFP program and loved it my pool looked better than every and was easy to maintain. Im going to be taking my pool cover off this weekend and wanted to know how to proceed do I take the normal tests I did last year and just plug the numbers into the pool...
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    can Kem-Tek 1-Gallon Liquid Pool Chlorine from lowes be used instead of bleach?

    Hello all can this produce be used instead of bleach
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    How do I winterize my above ground pool.

    Hello all, I have a 24ft above ground pull that I need to cover for the winter, I have a nice cover and a big air pillow that I tie off so its sits in the middle of the pool so water drains off. I know what to do when it comes to covering the pool but what about the chemistry I have been using...
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    I huge thanks to MKNAUSS for hanging in there with me in my hour of need!!! Here is the pool is today, excuse the sticks in the center of the pool was out of town last night. Below are my before and after...
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    Wish me luck.

    Hello all, I'm just about to test my pool for the first time before I SLAM the pool. I will now check by CYA and FC levels. The pool has now been a nice green for about two weeks since taking the cover off. Oh and I will also update my sig with all my info. Im sure I will need lots of help I'm...
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    I have a question about Algae.

    Hello all new to the forums and have been doing a bid of the reading on the site. Took my pool cover off 10 days ago water looked good with in two days it turned green. I had wanted to find a cheaper way to keep my pool nice and healthy and found TFP. My pool water testing kit shows up this...
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    Link to the correct TF-100 kit

    Hello all, there seems to be multiple kits show up when I look up the TF-100, can someone please provide a link to the correct TF-100 kit I need to start my path down the TFP road. Thanks, Rob
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    Hello from Palestine East Texas

    Hello All, I'm a 52yo woodworker living in a small town with my two children and wife, I left my job of 17 years with Dell Inc in Round Rock Texas to teach myself woodworking and move to a small town to raise our children. We purchased a nice 24ft round pool last year and I built a deck for it...