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    Random Algae

    Hello, Starting a couple days ago, green algae has started appearing in the deep end (shaded). They brush off easy but come back in different spots. It is only a few square inches at a time. Any ideas what may be the cause? Pump runs 8 hrs a day, and I use 8 oz daily of 73% cal hypo as the...
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    Polaris 380 Sluggishness

    Hello, This is more of a general question and any additional help would be much appreciated. I have a polaris 380 that I run for ~2-3 hours a day. Lately, the tail has not been sweeping, hampering the cleaner's performance. It also does circles for what seems like most of the run time. Could...
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    Pump Replacement

    Hello, I have a 2 hp ao smith centurion pump and would like to replace with vs as it currently uses about $100 worth of electricity every month. How do I go about doing this? I don't want the warranty cut short by purchasing it online, but would rather not have a pool store do it, seems...
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    Staining From Low CH?

    Hello, Can low calcium make staining easier? My neighbor has a oak tree and sometimes acorns drop into the bottom and leave small brown stains. These esaily come out over a week or with calhypo. Anyways, will a CH of 150 or less cause this? FC 3.5 CC 3.5 TA 90 CH 132 (I am going to add 10 lbs...
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    Conjunctive Use of Trichlor and Bleach

    Does or has anyone here use(d) bleach and trichlor tabs together instead of one or the other? Jay
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    Question about off brand bleach

    Does anyone know the chlorine % of Walmart "top job" and/or HEB Hill Country Fare bleach? This is the $1/96 oz jugs. I think it is 2.5 or lower because I have been using 1 container a day in my pool and I am having trouble maintaining free chlorine. HEB sells 8.25% for $2.64/1gal and I plan on...
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    Nothing But Trouble After Switching to BBB

    Hello, I have had nothing but endless problems after switching to bleach from trichlor. About 2 days after switching, I started to have trouble maintaining chlorine. Everythung else is fine, but my stabilizer has gone from 96 down to 40 in the past 2 months. Last week, it rained and flooded the...
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    Automatic Chlorinator: What type and where to install?

    Hello, I was considering an automatic chlorinator(inline), the kind you put the tricolor tabs into. Anyways, based on my setup, where should I put it? In the picture to the right, there was a heater there at one time, but it was removed. There is two pipes (not shown), coming out of the ground...
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    Polaris p380 Problems

    Hello, I am a new pool owner and my pool has a Polaris p380. Anyways, it will not sit flat, and it turns on its side constantly. I have tried adjusting the jet on the back and the sweep hose screw(my sweep hose is also not sweeping, maybe that is related). I will take the hose and set it upright...