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    CH Keeps Dropping, pH Rises

    My pool is behaving pretty well this year (only 2nd season we've owned this home and the pool), but two tests seem to change every week. pH keeps rising (have to add ~1/2 gallon about 3 weeks of the month) and CH keeps dropping (added 25# two times in the past three weeks). Am I missing...
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    Solar Skimmers - worth it or not?

    Being in South Georgia, and in a fairly heavily wooded subdivision, I have quite a bit of debris falling into the pool. Lots of long-needle pine needles and lots of leaves. This time of year, get lots of pollen falling in, too. I have a Polaris Quattro that cleans the bottom, and does a...
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    Hey everybody

    Relative pool newbie here. Relocated to southern GA from southwest OH a year and a half ago and bought our home just under a year ago. House has a gunite with plaster lap pool/spillover spa combo. We upgraded with EasyTouch pool controller, salt water generator, variable speed pump, new...