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  1. K

    Diagnosed Mustard Algea

    More worried about 'naughty bits' than swim suit :laughblue:
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    Diagnosed Mustard Algea

    Thanks. Best plans...decided to wait until this AM to do last minute CYA check and I am cloudy! Will test be that much less accurate or should I go up notch and add more chlorine. :confused:
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    Diagnosed Mustard Algea

    Read articles on mustard algea and am ready to start SLAM until pass OCLT then super SLAM for 24 hrs. Need to sweep, above ground 27' vinyl. Do I need to stay out of water while slam or can I sweep from inside? Am battling small leak (unidentified) at same time so am adding well water thru hose...
  4. K

    SLAMMED Twice. Algae back again.

    I believe you should put anything that has been in the algae water, hoses, brushes, toys,etc in with the slam to destroy any trace of algae. I,m sure Aquabug would qualify as well. Karen