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  1. Schnozz

    Placement/Location of through wall skimmer Intex Ultra Frame

    Getting ready to install a through wall skimmer in my Intex Ultra Frame Pool. Does it make any difference where I mount the skimmer? Other than the obvious problem of having to plug the two original suction openings on the 24’ side of the pool liner and cutting another opening in the liner for...
  2. Schnozz

    Sprung a leak, surprise easy-peazy repair

    Well, I got a call today that one of the hoses on my Intex Pool spring a leak..:oops: My wife and son-in-law tried Teflon tape!! Like magic, we have a temporary Leak repair. Just thought I’d share..
  3. Schnozz

    Actual Amp Draw

    I'm installing the electrical run for the following: CARTRIDGE FILTER/PUMP-Pentair 2HP/2SP Pump & 150sqft Cartridge Filter PNCC0150OP2160 (Optiflo pump by Pentair) According to the Pentair brochure, at high speed the amp draw is 16.4 and the low speed draw is 4.4 amp. Is that on startup or...
  4. Schnozz

    New Pentair Pump and Cartridge Filter-Plumbing

    Howdy all!! I'm back and up and running with Balanced water after installing a new liner. Time to get back to work.... Does this drawing work for the install of my new Pentair Pump & Cartridge Filter? (See Signature). Do I need 2" Plumbing to supply service to the pool or will 1-1/2" work for...
  5. Schnozz


    Getting ready to hard plumb my 12 x 24 Intex Ultra Frame (Just purchased a new liner.) and install a Pentair pump and 150 sqft cartridge filter. Can anyone tell me. The fitting through the liner is 1-1/2 thread inside and outside the pool and the Black portion with the white slip fitting is to...
  6. Schnozz

    PoolMath APP

    I've downloaded the mobile APP from iTunes and tried to log on but have been unable to. Can I use the same email, user name and password that I use for the TFP Site, or do I have to change them. The error message says the user name is already in use as is the email. What's the next step?
  7. Schnozz

    Flexible hose after Rigid Plumbing

    Moved my new Pentair Cartridge Filter to an equipment pad 30' from the Intex pool, using 2" rigid PVC to the pool site. I Split the return line at the pool with a 3-way diverter valve in case I continue to use a pressure side automatic cleaner. Also split the intake side at the pool with a 3-way...
  8. Schnozz

    Plumbing Help

    So, I'm ready to set up after my slab pour, equipment pad pour, wiring and my recent Pentair purchase. Kitchen remodel has dragged on a bit, but now we are ready for the pool. I've attached a simple plumbing drawing. Does the set up look right? Did I forget any other components? Thanks in...
  9. Schnozz

    Finally, A Decision

    I had decided on a new Pentair Cartridge Filter and Two- Speed Pump for my little oasis from Amazon and placed the order. Everything was fine for a day or two, then I was informed it was no longer available. Bummer Looked around a bit longer and found the same set-up at Sunplay, at A lower...
  10. Schnozz

    Plumbing transition 2" to 1-1/2"

    I'm running 2" return and supply lines (PVC) from my equipment pad ,Pentair Pool Products PNCC0150OP2160 Clean & Clean 150 Sq. Ft. Cartridge Filter, to my 12 x 24 Intex Pool. The connection to the pump is 1-1/2". How long should the transition from 2" to 1-1/2" be at the pump to avoid any flow...
  11. Schnozz

    Advice on purchase

    I'm baaaack.. After much consideration on my part and input from the forum I'm ready to commit to this setup, PNCC0150OP2160, from Pentair. Just discovered it is discontinued. Anybody see a problem with that? The fact that it's discontinued not whether I've selected wisely...that ship has...
  12. Schnozz

    Question about Jandy type valves

    Question about a three-way Jandy valve. Lets say, for the sake of argument, for the return side of an AGP with two returns. One connection on the Jandy valve would be the supply from the pump/filter. The other two connections, out of the valve, would obviously go to the two returns. My...
  13. Schnozz

    Bonding 12x24 Intex Ultra Frame

    Just poured the concrete pad for our pool and a separate concrete equipment pad, about 30 feet away from the pool. I'll be swapping the Intex 1/2 HP Pump & 12" Sand Filter for a Pentair 2-HP, 2-Speed pump with a 150 sqft cartridge filter. Do I need to bond either the equipment pad or the pool...
  14. Schnozz

    Pump Filter Combination Question

    Can this 2-Speed/1HP Pump offered by Amazon: Hayward SP15922S Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump 2-Speed Be swapped into this Hayward 21" Pump/Filter Combination set-up also offered by Amazon:Hayward Pro Series S210T93S 21-Inch Top-Mount Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with 1.5-HP Matrix...
  15. Schnozz

    Cartridge and Pump Selection

    How does this combination look for my little pond. Couldn't find a matched set from Pentair with small-ish (3/4 or 1 HP) 2-speed pump and larger (150 to 200 sqft) filter. Pentair 340204 Stainless Steel Black Dynamo Two-Speed 115-Volt Pool Pump without Cord, 1-Horsepower Pentair 160355 Clean &...
  16. Schnozz

    Use caution with chemicals

    Just a warning for newbies like me...Take a look at what happens when you begin to think "if I'm shooting for 10ppm of FC, then 20 would be better". I'm a newbie and my advice to everyone out there is follow the program, follow the advice, and stay the course....listen to the experts.... The...
  17. Schnozz

    One sad day

    Is this not the saddest thing ever? We're in the middle of a heat wave and my pool is flat. Landscaping, concrete, and new pump/filter with hard plumbing going in over the next few weeks, so I guess it will be worth it. Looking ahead to next season. :sad::sad: .
  18. Schnozz

    Pool Plumbing Observation

    Just an observation. I've noticed in some of the images on this forum of pool equipment installed by pool builders, that the hard plumbing looks as if it were planned out by shooting silly string at the equipment and then the PVC was run to follow it. I do realize, plumbing several pieces of...
  19. Schnozz

    Pump & Filter Selection

    After many posts, many threads, and too many questions I have decided to go with a cartridge filter set up. I've shifted from sand to cartridge for a couple of reasons. First, water restrictions in So. California are only going to get tighter. Seems to make more sense as I will not have to...
  20. Schnozz

    Deep Thinking Again....What is BEP

    Below are the headings for the table in the Pump Basics section in the Hydraulics 101 sticky HP is Horse Power SFHP is.....Service Factor Horse Power BEP GPM is.....????? BEP HEAD is.....????? Pool Volume is.....Pool Volume HP SFHP BEP GPM BEP Head Pool Volume (8hr Turnover) What is BEP...
  21. Schnozz

    Sand Filter Sizing

    Can someone tell me how to convert/calculate/translate inches of Sand Filter to SqFt of cleaning? For example...How many SqFt is there in a 23" sand filter? Is there a formula for that? Thanks, Bob
  22. Schnozz

    Dual Intex Pump/Sand Filter set ups

    Has anyone connected two Intex, or other brand, Pump/Sand Filter combinations (Plumbed separately. Not in parallel or in series, but with completely separate plumbing set ups. Running only one at a time.) My current 1/2 HP pump and sand filter, to circulate the water daily through the skimmer...
  23. Schnozz

    Distance piping pump/sand filter

    Just reading Hydraulics 101stckey and I have a question about this statement: "Also, when designing a plumbing system, it is a good idea to have a separate suction line from each skimmer and/or main drain pair from the pool all the way to the pump. This keeps the suction head low so the pump...
  24. Schnozz

    Pump/Sand filter selection blues

    It's all very confusing. Partly because of the more/bigger is always better human thinking and also because we want the cleanest pool possible...Is this thinking, ( posted by mas985 in his...
  25. Schnozz

    Intex pump/sand filter combination replacement options

    I keep reading in the forum that most believe that Intex pump/sand filter combinations are notoriously undersized. I'm taking down the pool for a couple weeks to pour a concrete pad to put it on. Should be back in business by the end of September. (Still time for dip in southern Cal.) While I'm...
  26. Schnozz

    Temporary Intex Take Down

    Hey Guys... I'm having a concrete slab/patio poured in the backyard (about 20 x 70) to extend our outside living area and as place to set my 12 x 24 Intex (Actually, after one year of having a pool, I'm contemplating an upgrade to 16 x 32 :whoot:. And surprise, surprise, the concrete area will...
  27. Schnozz

    Intex pump/sand filter upgrade

    Thinking about upgrading from the current 1/2 HP 2100 gph pump/sand filter set up to the 3/4 HP 2800 gph or the 1 HP 3000 gph. I believe either one will connect to the current setup without the need for other fittings. Trying to to get better circulation for fewer dead spots, trying to get...
  28. Schnozz

    Ash and PH

    My PH has been climbing regularly when normally it's pretty stable. We live in So Cal. Because of the huge fire north of us, we are experiencing a light to moderate ash load in the pool. Enough to see it floating, and some sinking as well as floating in the skimmer basket swirl. I need to get...
  29. Schnozz

    Adding Second Return

    I'm having a bit of difficulty controlling algae in my pool and it has been suggested that poorly circulated water in my 12 x 24 Intex Ultra Frame Pool could be part of the problem. Currently running the stock 1/2 HP pump and 12" Sand Filter (Pump Rated @ 2100 flow rate/Actual Flow Rate 1600...
  30. Schnozz

    Stay the course or is a change in direction necessary

    Been having trouble for a while passing all three criteria, the holy trinity, of the SLAM. (Clear water, CC < .5 and passing the OCLT.) Current Numbers: FC - 18.6 CC - .6 CYA - 40 I was SLAMMING from about the 25th of April to the 8th of May. Couldn't pass Slam. Decided to let the FC drop to...