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  1. joemkraus

    PH Levels - time of day

    My PH levels measurements vary widely as per the time of day. EG. in the morning when the pool filter has not run for 12+ hours I get almost and 8.0, but in the evening, while pump has run all day and is still running, I get around 7.5. I tend to believe the evening one as when I put in MA is...
  2. joemkraus

    FC levels

    In the heat of summer now I am losing FC about 4ppm/day. my CYA is about 40, so as per the TFP suggestions should I be raising it to 60? seems high "It is very common for a manually dosed pool to lose 2-4ppm Chlorine daily however some users may experience a larger drop, especially in areas...
  3. joemkraus

    vacation chlorine?

    This is the first year I have been following TFP religiously, and the best year I ever had! I only use LQ (jug dumper), but on vacation for a few days I use pucks in floaters. However, in this hot season I need the pucks to dissolve quicker despite heaving two floaters. Other recommendations?
  4. joemkraus

    Calcium last 10%?

    I have been at this house for 33 years with a pool, and while I maintained Chlorine levels (mostly), I never really paid much attention to PH levels until this year where I am religiously following TFP. In those years my pool tile have become severely caked with calcium (PH too high I think). I...
  5. joemkraus

    Severe Scaling - solved?

    I have been at this house for 33 years with a pool, and while I maintained Chlorine levels (mostly), I never really paid much attention to PH levels until this year where I am religiously following TFP. In those years my pool tile have become severely caked with calcium (PH too high I think). I...
  6. joemkraus

    FC measurement

    FC=6, PH=7.6, CYA=40, CC=0 I have been trying to keep my pool FC at 6 each morning and the following morning it has gone down to about 2.0-2.5 powder test, so I add about 1 gallon of LC. Getting expensive, but OK if that is what I have to do. However, this morning when I measure again the FC=2...
  7. joemkraus

    3" tricolor tablets

    FC= 6, CYA= 40, PH=7.8 Been religiously following TFP this year and so far so good. Only use LC, but when I am away for a few days at my cabin, I have to use tablets. Trying to minimize there use so do not increase CYA much so trying to determine how much to put in to dissolve while I am away...
  8. joemkraus

    Measurement units - just curious

    I know that it makes no difference, but just curious to know. I cannot find anything about the units of our measurements. For example an FC=6 is 6 what? is that ppm (parts per million), ppl (parts per liter). and are all measurements the same units eg. PH=7.8? Thanks if anyone knows
  9. joemkraus

    LC Consumption

    Finished SLAM and all good now, but with CYA 40, TA 100, PH 7.8, 22K Gallon pool, I am trying to get my pool to FC to 7 each morning but it is taking almost 1 gal of LC 10% to achieve. Seems high (and expensive) any recommendations?..or I just have to live with it?
  10. joemkraus

    does chlorine burn off faster when it's at high level?

    I just finished my slam after 3 days I had 0 oncl and 0 CC this morning. FC was at 17, but later in the day it went down to 9. I also had a little bit of CC maybe 0.5. since my slam is done going from 17 to 9 seems like a lot of loss of fc and I was wondering does fc drop faster when it's at...
  11. joemkraus

    TF-100 test kit availability?

    I cannot find the TF-100 test kit on the Taylor site and Amazon shows it as "unavailable". Did they discontinue it, or perhaps change the name?
  12. joemkraus

    Acid Wash?

    I have a pool that is about 45 years old. About 20 years ago I had a lot of stains and the pools looked old, so I had some work done. To be honest, it was before I knew about TFP so I was not so aware. I think I had it sand blasted and resurfaced, not acid washed, but frankly not even sure...
  13. joemkraus

    FC=9 ppm, OK to swim?

    I am adding pucks to get my CYA up from 30 to 40, as I am adding several my FC is maintaining around 9ppm. As warm weather is approaching is 9 ppm too high to swim in?
  14. joemkraus

    small algae

    I am still learning. I have just a couple of small algae patches this winter, but now I learned that I was not skimming properly and had my FC too low. I have now increased my FC to 4-6, with CYA of 30 (increasing that slowly to 40 as per suggestions here with pucks). My CC =0. So far so...
  15. joemkraus

    FC level

    Hi, I have been following TFP for a few year, but experiencing algae on occasion. In closer study, I see that I have not been holding my FC probably high enough because I had very high CYA. I have drained the pool and now have CYA at 30, and try to keep FC at 4-6 (CC=0). It seems to be taking...
  16. joemkraus

    the "wrath" of TFP - test strips

    OK, I know I will take a lot of grief here, but not sure what everyone has against test strips. Yea, they are not perfect by themselves, but: when FC is a bit high, PH test seem way off on drop test, cannot distinguish the color, but test strips seem accurate when FC is above 5 cannot tell...
  17. joemkraus

    Understanding correct chlorine level per CYA level

    I understand that you need to add more chlorine when CYA is high to get to a particular FC level. However, I thought the FC level to attain was still around 5 or so. My TFP android app always says recommended FC between 2.0-6.0 independent of CYA level., But below chart is totally...
  18. joemkraus

    FC Level with Taylor K-1000 test kit

    right now my CYA level is low enough (30) my FC should be round 4. However, as cya gets higher (sometimes I have to use pucks when I am gone), you need a higher level of FC. The Taylor K-1000 only goes to "5". How does one measure beyond that? dilution to a certain level? I really did not...
  19. joemkraus

    Algae in winter

    I am getting a bit of algae even in the winter. All my chemicals are balanced, but I have a Pentair - IntelliFlo in northern California, and am running at 1500 RMP for 10hrs per day. Do you think that is too low of RPM and/or too short of time?
  20. joemkraus

    CH on a new fill

    just drained and refilled my pool. CH is 30. I am going to verify this with my new TF-100 kit coming soon, but if that is correct, it says I should add 49lbs of Calcium Chloride! That can't be right can it??
  21. joemkraus


    I just drained around 3/4 of my pool to reduce my CYA. I have not finished refilling yet, so not sure of the final CYA reading (was round 90 when started), but I suspect it will be low: 1) how much CYA do 3" pucks add into 22K gal pool? As I will use pucks just to get the CYA level up then...
  22. joemkraus

    Drain Pool

    I have decided to drain my pool. I live in N. Cal an it has not rained in many months so not worried about "pool pop". I have decided to drain the entire pool because my CYA is around 100 and TDS over 5000. However, reading here that TDS "means nothing", should I just do a 1/2 or 3/4 fill...
  23. joemkraus

    CYA Level - Drain?

    I only use liquid chlorine to treat my plaster in-ground pool, EXCEPT when on vacations or away for a few day, then tablets. I have not drained my pool for 5 or 6 years, and the CYA has creeped up to around 100 (not sure need to test more accurately only on test strip), but I know it is high as...