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  1. derek533

    SWG Installation Help

    Long story short, I bought a complete Aquarite Gold system and T-15 cell at a garage sale for $40 a few years back! The guy's story was that he had it installed but could never get it the way he wanted and was selling the home. He didn't like the buyers of his home so he pulled it off and...
  2. derek533

    CC rising, very windy and tons of pollen and organic debris being blown in

    Could this be the cause? FInished a SLAM and passed the OCLT test last week. Numbers are near perfect, yet CC started off at 0 after the SLAM, stayed that way for a couple of days, then rose to .5ppm. As of yesterday, it's now at 1.0ppm. Here in Oklahoma, everything is off the charts...
  3. derek533

    A Huge Thank You to TFP and Pool Math!

    Hey all, I've been using the TFP method now going on my 3rd season. This season however, was the first time I followed the method for my opening whereas last year, I used shock and jacked my CYA too high resulting in several partial drain/refills. My pool stays uncovered for the winter as the...
  4. derek533

    1 1/2" to 2" Question

    Ok, by luck about 3 seasons ago, I found a complete Goldline (Hayward) Aqua Rite swcg system a guy had used for a year and then switched back to chlorine. He sold it to me for an obscenely low amount of money so my suspicions were always there. However, the cell tested good today and the...
  5. derek533

    3 week old Hayward Super Pump 3/4hp...What the Heck!!

    Bearing noise just started this morning when I turned on the pump. Pump ran perfectly quiet the last 3 weeks since installing it. Now, it's making a noise like bearing noise when I started it this morning. What to do? So infuriating!!
  6. derek533

    Five Way Multiport Handle Troubleshooting

    Hey guys, my Pentair FNS five way multiport handle is wonky. I can rotate the handle fairly easily, but once I select something, the handle is just loose and it doesn't lock down into the notch for whatever I selected. Any ideas?
  7. derek533

    Hayward SuperPump Leaking At Joint of Motor and Pump

    Is this an easy thing to service or do I need to call a pro in is my question. I'm assuming there's some seal in there that is causing this that's gone bad. Looks like I've got unions on both in and out flows so I should be able to disconnect and troubleshoot. TIA
  8. derek533

    Tri-Chlor pucks and CYA

    Just a question, but what is it about the pucks that make the CYA raise with constant usage? Is there actually cyanuric acid added to the pucks, is it a byproduct of the chemical reaction of the pucks or what? In other words, what is the mechanism that makes the CYA in your pool rise when...
  9. derek533

    Everything else good, TA high though

    Hey all, Current numbers: FC 6.0 PH 7.5 TA 200 CH 350 CYA 55 What do you guys think? Pool is sparkling clean right now and my kids went for a cold dip today. Pool gets mostly sun during the days and right now in OKC, we average about 75 during the day and drop into the mid 50's at...
  10. derek533

    My Numbers

    After about a 50% pool drain and refill due to high CYA, here are my numbers: FC: 0 CC: 0 PH: 7.4 TA: 220 CH: 480 CYA: 80% (as best as I can tell, it's cloudy outside) The CH and CYA both came down as the CH was at about 880 and the CYA was well over 100% (I'm guessing about in the 140...
  11. derek533

    CYA very high?

    Hi all, just opened pool to a green swamp. Have gotten water clear through use of chlorine tabs and shock (HTH 3 in 1). Last time I tested was at the pool store (I know, before I stumbled upon you guys), and it was I think 90 which was last week. We just had 3" of rain last night too and...
  12. derek533

    Hey Guys and Gals

    Owned a home with a pool for four years and I'm sick and tired of being a slave to the pool store. Thus, the reason I'm here! I hope to gain great knowledge from all of you and look forward to not having to throw money away on needless pucks of chlorine and shock. Just getting my pool up...