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    Jandy Truclear Not Producing Enough Chlorine

    I'm new around here too but I have been reading a lot. If I was in your situation I would start checking all the nooks and crannies for anything growing. Check behind lights, under ladder steps, etc. I have seen people post here about chlorine loss and clear water only to find out after a...
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    Jandy Truclear Not Producing Enough Chlorine

    Are you saying you lost 1 ppm overnight with your SWCG running? Wouldn't that mean you need to SLAM since your SWCG is producing some chlorine(even if we don't know how much) and whatever is growing in your water was able to consume 1 ppm plus whatever your SWCG produced?
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    Swim up poured concrete bar stools

    Most of the swim up bars around my area use a granite counter top for the swim up bar and use that same granite counter top material for the bar seat so they match.
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    New Austin Build - Deck poured, but is it correct???

    Its not just Texas, here in NC my pool builder is swamped right now. My project manager is juggling 20 pools and spends most of his time driving. Hes a great guy and very responsive but is just spread to thin at the moment. The pool builder just hired another project manager and is wanting 2...
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    New to the forum! / New build in Austin, TX

    Thats a great looking pool. Can you tell us what plaster you have? Also is that a sundek coating on the concrete or a stamp? I like the look of that.
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    New Pool - Wet Edge Signature Matrix vs. Prism Matrix Cost Differential

    What colors are you looking at in Primera Stone? We have decided on Primera Stone also. The Luna Quartz is what is included in our build and the upcharge for Primera Stone is in line with what you quoted. We just can't decide on a color.
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    No chlorine but looks artificially blue.

    This is just a guess, but I would guess clarifier. My brother in-law has his concrete pool taken care of by a local pool company and they add clarifier from a squeeze bottle like that. Apparently they purchase in bulk and dispense as needed and it is blue and does look like dish washing...
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    Speakers are in the ground. Minor issue.

    How does the bass from the sub-woofer sound around your pool area? Is it pretty uniform or is it louder/boomy the closer you get to it? I am thinking about this system and trying to figure out how close the sub needs to be to the seating areas.
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    The tile, coping and stone veneer are complete and work has begun on the pool house. Footings have been poured and the corner columns are up. Hopefully it stops raining soon and they can get back to work. This weeks struggle between the pool builder and pool house contractor is when to pour...
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    If you get samples of tile and coping make sure you view them in full sun light and dry/wet. I wish I had gone darker on my tile and coping. They look fine in the showroom but now installed I wish they were a shade or 2 darker.
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    Another Outdoor Audio Thread

    Are you guys just putting direct burial type speaker cable in the ground under your landscape rocks/mulch or are you running conduit everywhere?
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    Insane pools tv show

    Im a subscriber of ATT TV Now, use to be DirecTV Now. They have all of the seasons of insane pools in their on demand section. Maybe try a few streaming services free trials to see whats in their on demand sections.
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    New "Swimmer's" Pool in Houston Texas

    I'm jealous, my pool dig day was March 1st so I have been watching the other builds that started around that time to see how my pool builder was doing as far as scheduling goes. I think I am at least a month out from plaster if not more. Keep posting your experience with start up. It helps...
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    New Build w Retaining Wall- NC

    No problem, they also have a 4 and a 6 version. I would want 1 or 2 empty spots available for additions down the road like landscape lighting, etc.. I would want to know before I signed what is included in the automation and whats not.
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    New Build w Retaining Wall- NC

    Maybe some of the more experience people can chime in here but this seems oversized your for application. The RS-PS16 can control up to 16 different functions. They also make a RS-PS8 and RS-PS12. You may be able to save money by downsizing on this. Might not be much but worth asking the...
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    Thoughts on this quote i just got..... reasonable or high ??

    Looks like your about an hour away from Charlotte. I would reach out to pool builders down there, all they can say is no. My pool builders office is an hour away from me also but the designer was another 40 minutes past that. There are definitely trade offs to them being that far away but it...
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    Thoughts on this quote i just got..... reasonable or high ??

    Definitely get more quotes if possible. I don't know what part of NC you are in but I had 4 quotes and those pool builders seemed willing to travel up to 2 or 3 hours away from their home office. PM me if you want to know which ones I talked to. I don't know if its allowed to post that on the...
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    Outdoor speaker recommendations

    I second the Tap of you can get one. We have one and have been very pleased with the battery life. You can leave the dock/charger inside and just take the tap our when you need it. It doubles as a normal bluetooth speaker also when your away from wifi. We take it on vacations, use it in the...
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    Tile started yesterday, they will be back Monday to work on coping and stone veneer. One thing my wife and I didn't do when we picked out tile and coping was take the samples outside in full sunlight. These are a lot lighter in the sun than I remember in the PBs showroom. Doesn't bother us...
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    I wanted to get some opinions on tile grout. We picked out our waterline tile, coping, and stone veneer a few months ago but not grout. This is our waterline tile Our coping is a 12x12 ivory travertine. I don't have a website for...
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    First Bid, advice

    We have about the same size spa although ours is oval and are going with one larger over flow vs one or two smaller ones.
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    No, my PB said whenever I can. The Gunite guy said the more water the better. I will probably just manually water it 3 times a day since I'm stuck at home anyways.
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    Yes I will need a fence. The wife and county are requiring it. So the pump in the bottom of the pool is not working out great. It is sucking in a lot of concrete dust/small rocks and getting clogged which trips the ground fault outlet. Not sure why its tripping the ground fault instead of...
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    So as I said, yesterday was gunite day. The crew worked 12 hours straight. They seemed to do a great job. We made some changes to the steps from the tanning ledge. Originally we had steps coming off both sides, but that seemed like a waste of space and it ate into our shallow end. We moved...
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    The big mound of dirt needed to be moved so we lucky for us my father in law is a farmer who lives just down the road. My wife got the nice tractor with the cab and heat, I got the old backhoe and we moved dirt for a few days. We also got the rocks from our waterfall, fire pit, and others just...
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    So here are a few pictures from the build so far. This is over a few days/weeks. I don't have any from the original dig day, I hope my wife does. Lots of plumbing and rebar. We made a change after these pictures were taken to the slope from shallow to deep end. We wanted more shallow end...
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    Ours is technically from Durham. Maybe we got lucky with the sales/designer guy we were put in contact with but hes been great. He has already asked what my kids favorite colors and animals are. He is getting them pool floats when we are finished.
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    New inground pool and pool house/pavilion build North Carolina

    My wife and I have been dreaming of a pool ever since we built our house in 2010. We had a 400 amp electric meter installed and designed our septic tank and leach field so a pool would fit behind our house. In January of this year we finally made the decision to do it. Her parents had a 20x40...
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    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello everyone, I'm Mike and I'm from a little town in North Carolina just southeast of Raleigh. I figured my first post should be here. I signed up a few months ago and have been researching pool builds and reading threads daily ever since. My wife and I (also have 2 kids ages 5 and 8) have...