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  1. texas_scot

    Struggling with TA and PH

    I switched to the TFP recommended method last summer and I am happy to say that I have been completely algae free with very clear water ever since then. Definitely worth the effort of two partial drainings and then a 10 day SLAM cycle to get everything under control. I do have one concern...
  2. texas_scot

    Best sources for Chlorine in Austin area

    Where do folks in the Austin area get their Chlorine from? Seems like there are a lot of locations mentioned elsewhere in the US, but other than Home Depot (~$8 for 3 gal), Lowes (more expensive) and the grocery store for household bleach, I haven't found anywhere else that sells larger...
  3. texas_scot

    Killer CYA - Stuck - HELP!

    Unfortunately I only stumbled across these forums a few weeks back. We inherited our pool when we purchased our house in July 2015. It was originally built with a SWG, but the previous owners had converted to chlorine tabs due to the limestone surround being eaten by the salt. We had a few...