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    Levels Good But Cloudy and Consuming Chlorine

    Good morning. Would appreciate everyone’s insight here. Over the last few days temps have jumped up to 95 plus. We have also been swimming several hours most evenings because of this. I’m assuming this puts a much higher load on the chlorine and may explain at least part of this. At the same...
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    How Critical Is Backwash

    Hi Everyone, I opened my pool after a TFP style closing last year to crystal clear water. I had some dirt at the bottom that I vacuumed straight to waste and then, after testing, jumped into my SLAM. It has been a week now which seems long considering the clarity of water. This is only my second...
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    Losing Prime

    Hi everyone. Just opened my pool for the first time post TFP. Pleased to say the water is crystal clear! I’m working on bringing up CYA (not registering on tube test yet) and ran my pump for 24hrs with sock in skimmer. This evening when I shut off the pump, water came rushing backwards in the...
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    Hi everyone. First time opening and I just want to make sure that I just release this pink marine rv grade antifreeze from my winterized lines into the pool, correct?
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    Is shocking a must?

    About 6-7 weeks ago I completed a slam and passed all three criteria. My water has been crystal clear since. I plan to close on Saturday or Sunday worst case because we have freezing temperatures coming on Monday. I am concerned if I slam now that my fc will not be low enough to close so I am...
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    Giving TFP a Try

    Hi everyone. I purchased a home about a month ago with a pool and have learned ALOT about pool chemistry. I feel like I have a good understanding of the basics, but am still wrestling with addressing what the previous owner left me with. First, I will purchase the TF-100 kit asap to insure my...