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  1. puckpuck

    Canadian noob

    yes, it is a retractable sunscreen.
  2. puckpuck

    Canadian noob

    250k BTU. With the lockdown, we will be using it soon.
  3. puckpuck

    Canadian noob

    Hi everyone. We are newer pool owners, getting into our second season. I'm a hands on type of person, and eager to make sure I maintain and keep our paradise looking like a paradise.
  4. puckpuck

    Running Integrated Spa separate from Pool

    I'm about to open my spa only (first time opening myself). We have a spillover setup, but I can run just the spa through my controller. I'm trying to understand the best way to lockout the pool so no one accidentally tries to start using it. I can set the Jandy valves to off, and manually set...