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  1. Jimrahbe

    Anyone Know What Causes This?

    Anyone know why the exposed parts of this eyeball turned brown? Only the part that is exposed to the sun seems to be affected. Yet the brown will scrub off with a cleaner. All three eyeballs did the same thing. The eyeballs at my other two pools do not have the same issue. I installed them...
  2. Jimrahbe

    What I Saw at Home Depot Yesterday...

    Where there is a will, there is a way... :mrgreen: Thanks, Jim R.
  3. Jimrahbe

    IntelliCenter Remote Control

    Moved from here... IntelliCenter vs IntelliTouch 48, The IntelliCenter has a built-in system that allows you to use your phone, tablet or PC... You would not need ScreenLogic.. Jim R.
  4. Jimrahbe

    I am such a slow learner....... Sigh!!

    About 2 years ago I left a hose in a rent house pool and then removed the other end of the hose at the house.. Came back the next day and by the magic of gravity, I had drained about two feet of water... ? You would think once would be enough!! But no, yesterday, I went over to the same...
  5. Jimrahbe

    New IntelliCenter for sale in the Coffee Bar Forum...

    New IntelliCenter for sale in the Coffee Bar Forum... Jim R.
  6. Jimrahbe

    New Hayward DE Filter Seal

    A few weeks ago someone here posted a question about lubing the giant O-Ring between the bottom and top half of their DE filter. At the time I thought what idiot would not lube that seal.. But then I found out that this was a new type of O-Ring. While the original is a flexible rubber like...
  7. Jimrahbe

    Blood Moon

    I took a couple of pics of the recent blood moon and one of them is somewhat interesting. Somehow I was able to transport myself into space and was able to photograph the moon and earth at the same time... . Jim R.
  8. Jimrahbe

    Looking for Feedback from Vinyl Pool Owners with S200/300 Style Robots

    My next-door neighbor has a vinyl pool and wants a robot.. I told him to look at the Dolphin S200/300 series units, but my pool is gunite and I am now having second thoughts. Anyone out there currently using a Dolphin to clean their vinyl pools.. He is worried about the robot not climbing up...
  9. Jimrahbe

    New TFTestKit Pressure Gauge

    My old filter pressure gauge bit the dust... the scale had warped and any time the pressure went above 10 lbs. the needle would stick until you smacked it... I replaced it with a new one from TFtestkits for $15 bucks.. I honestly did not expect much, but the gauge I got is twice as heavy as...
  10. Jimrahbe

    What causes pH rise in pools with SWGs?

    B, Really??? How do you figure that? I have three saltwater pools and none have any automated acid injections and my pH stays relatively stable at 7.8.. I guess I need to tell them that they are all doing something wrong... :p 10 minutes a week is about all you need to ensure you pH stays...
  11. Jimrahbe

    Is it ok if it is hard to see your main drains????

    Mine are kind of blurry... :p Thanks, Jim R.
  12. Jimrahbe

    Welcome for a New Family Member

    No, not the kind of new family member that would require some kind of immaculate conception in my case, but a new addition to my pool family. A used Caldera Kauai Spa, followed me home from Craig's List about a week ago, so we decided to keep it.... Seems to be in great shape and so far...
  13. Jimrahbe

    Took a Lightning Strike!!!

    Well, actually my neighbor took the direct hit, I just got what was left over... My neighbor lost almost everything that was electrical. It took out his water heater, blew the faceplate off his sprinkler system controller, took out all his TV's and an electronic gate that was less that a week...
  14. Jimrahbe

    My Answer to Hiding an Window AC Unit.

    A while back I posted this picture and asked for ideas on how I could hide the AC unit. The AC unit was not an issue before the pool was put in, but quite an eyesore after the pool was installed. Original pic..... I received a lot of ideas on removing the AC unit, install a different...
  15. Jimrahbe

    Duck Rescue

    My renter called me and said there were ducks in the pool and they couldn't get out. I said if they flew in they will leave soon enough. He then said they are baby ducks. I'm thinking that is impossible, but go over anyway and this is what I found... Click on pic to enlarge... The baby...
  16. Jimrahbe

    How Would You Hide This???

    All, Long Story short, I have a third car garage that I converted into a woodworking shop after my kids left home. The garage had a door at either end, so you could actually drive through and into the back yard. When I made it a workshop, I installed a window AC unit in the non-operational...