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  1. jseyfert3

    Forum software is AWESOME!

    I don't believe I've ever said it, but this forum software is awesome ever since the upgrade. My favorite feature is the ability to highlight text and an option to quote it pops up. Idk how much time I've spent on other forums editing posts I'm quoting while responding so that I quote only a...
  2. jseyfert3

    Puppy Thread

    At the insistence of @kimkats, who noticed him in some pool planning pictures of mine, here is a thread of pictures of our puppy. Details: He is a Shiba Inu/Rat Terrier mix. Some question on the last half, but not the first half. He has very pronounced Shiba features. We picked him up from a...
  3. jseyfert3

    Picking up home fermentation/brewing

    I'm starting down the path of home fermentation/brewing with some hard cider. Unless you're after a natural/funky type fermentation, the first step is cleaning and sanitizing all equipment used. In this case, I used an iodine solution for the sanitation, which has a brown color and a smell...
  4. jseyfert3

    What's the evaporation rate in the midwest in inches per week?

    So my house has a clear water meter installed, but it needs a new electronic reader for the utility to use it for billing. For those not aware, the clear water meter is used for measuring all outdoor spigots or any other water that doesn't go down the sanitary sewer system. They take the main...
  5. jseyfert3

    Chlorine and humidifier filter nasties

    So, this may be completed anecdotal, but I don't think so. A few years back I picked up a standard filter type humidifier from craigslist that came with two new unused filters. I used it an entire winter with those two filters, extending the life by soaking in a bucket of water and muriatic...
  6. jseyfert3

    Anyone Ever Bought an Electronic Lift Cover?

    Something like this: We were at the spa dealer the other day getting filters, and this caught my eye. I asked for a demo, and they raised it up. They had a filled and heated spa under it. What really caught my eye was the seal. Not only does it have a rigid roof that looks like it would last a...
  7. jseyfert3

    Nest Protect (smoke alarm) out of warranty replacement

    The house we just bought had 4 Nest Protects (smoke + CO alarms) already installed. They are the battery operated kind. I've tested the one in the kitchen on accident, and they sure seem like they are nice. Rather than a piecing alarm immediately when you burn something on the stove, you get a...
  8. jseyfert3

    Media BBCode Test

  9. jseyfert3

    Best way to handle picture heavy posts?

    Okay, so I'm currently doing an Ahh-some purge of my spa, and want to post a lot of pictures. 20, to be specific. Got some questions. I can attach pictures to posts. Is this the preferred method? Limit is ten, so I'd have to break my picture post into two posts. Problem I've already had doing...
  10. jseyfert3

    Best Bread Machines?

    We got a Breadman Ultimate TR2200 from my mom who didn't use it anymore, and for the past year or so we've been using it fairly regularily for making bread and pizza dough. Yesterday when I went to make pizza dough I noticed the shaft seemed bound up. I was able to free it and made the dough...
  11. jseyfert3

    Maintaining a Whirlpool Tub

    Not sure if this is the best forum, or if Everything Else or Coffee Bar is more suited. My question is in regards to whirlpool tubs. Our soon to be new to us house has a whirlpool tub in addition to a spa. I'm familiar with spa care, and will be using Ahh-some to clean the spa. I will also be...
  12. jseyfert3

    Just Bought a 26' Intex - Looking for suggestions on upgrades as I start the planning/build process

    Welcome new reader! At 121 posts currently, this is quite a thread to take in for someone who hasn't been around for the ride. So I figured I'd come back and start editing in links to key events, as there's a lot of things in here and a lot of conversation that may be completely unrelated. Post...
  13. jseyfert3

    Water by TFP sign

    So I just found out there was a store with TFP logo merchandise. While I'm not big on wearing logo'd merchandise (a mug may be okay), what I though was missing from the store is a metal sign you could put by your pool that said something like "Water by TFP" or "Crystal Clear Water thanks to TFP"...
  14. jseyfert3

    Gas Heater w/ Standalone Spa?

    Buying a house with a standalone spa January 31st. Plan is to use it pretty much year-round (except super hot summer days). Not sure the model, but it seems to be a "typical" standalone spa, 5 person, 240 volt. Connected to a 50 amp breaker. I'll know more details at the end of the month when we...
  15. jseyfert3

    DECIDED ON INTEX! Suggestions Wanted - Intex XTR vs "Real" AGP

    Hey all, Been a while. No troubles with my inflatable spa water though, for some odd reason. ;) Anyway, we're buying a house, closing in January. We'd like a pool. Looking at 24' round AGP. I know a traditional metal wall pool is a PITA to setup, so for them we'd basically be looking to pay...
  16. jseyfert3

    SWCG for 4' x 18' AVP

    Planning ahead here. Looking to have my first pool filled by next weekend. Will start with manual bleach additions but I've read enough on here to know I want to get a SWCG in the near future. Pool is a metal wall (vinyl liner) 4' x 18' round AVP. Any recommended brands for long life? Any brands...
  17. jseyfert3

    Poolmath App suggestion

    Hey all, Glad to be back. Finally settling down from our move, just got our inflatable hot tub back up and running and working on an above ground pool right now, planned to be in the next week or two. Anyway, since I use the dichlor/bleach method in my spa, I'm adding dichlor over the first...
  18. jseyfert3

    Cheap Intex AGP Thoughts?

    Hello all, Been away a couple months. Came back and everything is completely different! Anyhow, for those that don't know, I joined after I got an inflatable Intex spa and put it in our garage last Christmas. Maintained it with chlorine and always had sparkling clear water. This site rocks! So...
  19. jseyfert3

    Picked up a TFT CYA test to supliment my K2006

    Wanting to run at 30 ppm CYA in my spa, I was always annoyed the Taylor test only goes to 30 ppm minimum, and actually doesn't mix up enough fluid to quite reach even that. Recently, I ran out of DPD powder (I grabbed extra powder and 2 oz of test fluid when I bought the K2006, have plenty of...
  20. jseyfert3

    App Bleach % Preference

    Downloaded, tried and paid for the app a couple weeks back. I like it. Suggestion is to remember last used bleach percentage, or add setting to set most used. As is, it defaults to 6%. Since I have 8.25%, I have to manually change it each time I need to add chlorine to get the right amount.
  21. jseyfert3

    User location on mobile site

    What about adding user location on the mobile website view? I, and I assume others, browse a lot via mobile and it would be handy to see someone's location by their name like you can on desktop without having to click into their profile.
  22. jseyfert3

    Anyone have a Taylor midget (or slide) pH comparitor?

    Taylor's slide and midget comparators are supposed to be more accurate as they use actual liquid samples instead of colored plastic. Just curious if anyone has used one, and if it makes it easier to determine the pH level.
  23. jseyfert3

    Removing Calcium Deposits

    So I've got a medium sized console humidifier for the 1200 sq ft townhouse we live in, which uses a circular capillary wick to get moisture in the air. Unfortunately, as the water evaporates the calcium and other dissolved solids stay behind in the wick, building up and eventually making it...
  24. jseyfert3

    Insulate Your Intex Spas!

    So I got an Intex spa for me and my wife for Christmas. I had wanted to get some extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam board to go under the spa, but I ordered the spa too late and was running out of time to get it set up before Christmas, so I set it up directly on the concrete floor of our garage...
  25. jseyfert3

    Taylor K2006 can't fit 2.0 oz bottles

    I wanted to order the TF test kit, but since I was getting the hot tub for me and my wife for Christmas and ordered too late, the kit wouldn't have come till after Christmas. I ordered the Taylor kit on Amazon prime instead. It's a nice kit, but my reasoning didn't quite work out. So I realized...
  26. jseyfert3

    PoolMath Units Question

    At the bottom of the page, for Effects of adding chemicals, is the oz weight or fl oz? I've been using PoolMath for my new spa that I just got set up a couple days ago. This morning, my fc was at 1.8. I wanted to bring it up to 5. I'm still using dichlor, and it said to add 0.2 oz by weight. I...
  27. jseyfert3

    New Spa Owner

    Hello all, Just bought an Intex "6 person" inflatable spa for me and my wife. We're in a townhouse, so we can't have anything outside nor add extra power a "real" spa needs. The spa resides in our garage. I'm glad this forum exists. When I first discovered the inflatable spa, which meant we...
  28. jseyfert3

    TA and pH (new hot tub owner)

    Hello all, New spa owner here. Got an Intex inflatable "6 person" spa with bubble massage. I've read and am following the How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or Pool). I haven't yet added dichlor, I'm still working on the acid and aeration portion of the guide. Got the tub inflated Thursday and...