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  1. domct203

    Tile Imperfections??

    I could live with #1 and #2, in fact I would worry that the repair would be obvious. #3 however, looks terrible. I would definitely discuss my options with the builder there.
  2. domct203

    Building custom pool cover using PVC pipe and tarp

    How big is the area you want to cover? Could you post a pic or two? I’m sure that would get ideas flowing. Being in DFW, I guess you will not have to worry about supporting snow weight, but how is the wind? You can build just about anything out of PVC, but it will need to be trussed or...
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    Pool not dug deep enough? New construction

    Agreed. And after plaster you’ll never know.
  4. domct203

    Pool not dug deep enough? New construction

    If you have a signed contract that states a 7 foot deep pool, they cannot charge you more to make it 7 feet. If anything, they owe you money if the 7 foot contractual agreement has not been met. This is your pool, and your money. Don’t settle for less than you paid for, inground pools are...
  5. domct203

    Chlorinator & SWG

    If there should ever be a reason for you to use pucks, just use a cheap tablet floater.
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    Salt water pool? travertine?

    And all chlorine pools contain salt, added by chlorine, muriatic acid, and sweat.
  7. domct203

    Plaster Mottling

    That is correct, and we all know that with the exception of recommending a higher CYA level, all testing and chemistry is identical to a pool dosed with any other form of chlorine. I call BS on ‘Metro Pool’.
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    New Build (Already in Progress) Mt. Airy, Maryland

    Normally you would add 80% of the filters total DE capacity. There are numerous thread here about this, here’s a few I found searching the forum: How much DE after backwash Add DE after backwashing
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    Pool Solar

    I have Fafco Sungrabber panels on a ground rack. I put them away for the winter, stored in the house. I'm into my third season with zero issues. As mentioned, you can control flow with the position of the 3-way valve, and/or a bypass loop. A solar controller is a must, as well as a solar...
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    Position of intake and return

    Skimmer location is usually determined by the prevailing wind direction. If the pool is shielded from the wind, mount it where it is most convenient to do so.
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    help choosing epoxy and primer

    I would recommend you walk away from this if the owner insists on not replacing the liner. As already stated, the pool structure is designed to support a liner filled with water, not the direct forces of all that water weight. Pool structure failures can be quite catastrophic, and people can get...
  12. domct203

    Renovation of 1981, Round 24' inground: Louisiana

    If there is no wire mesh in the concrete deck, be it rolled out or made of rebar, how did you pass inspection for bonding?
  13. domct203

    pool tilted over time - waterline tile level is tilted

    The tile should be level on the horizontal plane, and square vertically to that. Water will naturally seek level, that is why there is a bubble in a liquid inside construction levels. When I was a tile mechanic (many moons ago) the first thing I would do for wainscoting is run a horizontal...
  14. domct203

    Staging Payments to Contractors

    It sounds like you have been speaking with multiple builders in your area, are they all the same on payment terms, or is there something with this specific builder that makes you think their terms are unfair?
  15. domct203

    Pool size

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone post their regret of getting a bigger pool. Most regret choosing smaller. I would go for the biggest you can comfortably fit & afford.
  16. domct203

    elevation and grading question

    That looks like it will be a very nice pool area. While I'm no expert in grading, I believe you must also show the city/town that your new pool area will not direct water runoff towards your neighbor's property(s).
  17. domct203

    Vinyl liner install?

    "Page could not be found"
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    Gunite Hose Ran Through Side of Pool When Shell Shoot

    I’m wondering if they used forms behind the rebar, or dug out after gunite to do the plumbing.
  19. domct203

    Gunite Hose Ran Through Side of Pool When Shell Shoot

    I'm also perplexed with the PB's explanation. The gunite shell is essentially sprayed onto the dirt wall of the hole. Either your PB is not understanding your question, or not being entirely truthful in their response. The patched hole, if done correctly, is not an issue at all.
  20. domct203

    Finally Filling the new pool up

    I love the style of your pool. Could you post another pic, from the other end?
  21. domct203

    Uneven Pool & Tiling Question

    So sorry to hear of your PB issues. Another thing to consider is, if being beyond the 'industry standard' of 1" out of level would affect any potential warranty claims in the future. Would the manufacturer say 'improper install' and leave you on your own with the PB? I'm curious to see what...
  22. domct203

    Quartzscapes Reflection Series??

    Welcome to the Forum! That looks like it will be a very nice pool. I see you posted a link to the SLAM article, did you have a question about it?
  23. domct203

    Contract Signed

    The 1HP is fine. Don't get hung up on water 'turnover', you just need to run the pump long enough to keep the pool free of debris. Pool School - Determine Pump Run Time
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    Maybe a unique problem you all might be interested in

    Your CYA level should be high enough to reduce the effects of sunlight, but not too high that you will need a truckload of bleach to sanitize the pool. Your FC needs to always remain above 7.5% of your CYA to prevent algae. That 7.5% is with ideal conditions, and everyone's pool is different...
  25. domct203

    Maybe a unique problem you all might be interested in

    +1. Your FC is too low. [FC/CYA][/FC/CYA] You say that your FC gets eaten up in 3 days... how many ppm do you lose over the 3 days? It is normal to lose 2-4ppm a day. Two major factors to FC loss are sunlight & organics. Can the pool pass an ? If no, then it's time for a . You already have the...
  26. domct203

    New Build in West Houston Area - PB

    I think one of the unrealized benefits of a SWG pool is a salt level that no longer rises, but the convenience is really the best part.
  27. domct203

    New Build in West Houston Area - PB

    That is a beautiful pool! How stable is your pH? At first thought your TA is a bit high & it will be harder to lower after adding the borates, but if the pH is very solid and stable it should not be a big concern...
  28. domct203

    Pool just plastered, but builder is silent - HELP!!

    Some pumps can be wired to run at 110 or 220V. Can you tell us exactly which pump it is, or post a picture of the information plate that is on the motor?
  29. domct203

    Worried about bad workmanship

    While a 90 right at the pump inlet is not ideal, I wouldn't get too hung up about it.
  30. domct203

    Photobucket pics not showing up?

    Without warning PhotoBucket changed it's terms of service and has blocked anyone who is using 3rd party hosting, e.g. using PhotoBucket to post images on forums. Doesn't matter if the person viewing them is a PhotoBucket member or not. Now most of us are scrambling to try to fix all these...