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  1. domct203

    Did the pool store sell us a Refurbished Maytronics Dolphin S300???

    Glad to hear the situation is working out for you.
  2. domct203

    How do you deal with chemical fumes when working out of a van?

    What chemicals do you plan to store in the van? You can always utilize leak proof storage containers in the van depending on the chemicals. The smell of chlorine was mentioned, standard chlorine & muriatic acid bottles have vented caps, so don’t keep them stored in the van, or in the same...
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    Leaf net cover

    I use a leaf net on my AGP while the leaves are falling and I wait for the pool to go below 60F so I can close. I pull it tight over the pool to help keep the leaves up out of the water, but 5 minutes with a leaf rake would clear off any that have built up in the middle and caused a dip. Last...
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    At my wit's end!! Need help on why discharge jet spewing dirty water

    The algae bloom was starting before you left, hence the dead algae. As mentioned, you just can't trust pool $tore results, and you need to get one of the recommended test kits pronto. The TF-100 is really the best value, and you will have it in a couple of days...
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    At my wit's end!! Need help on why discharge jet spewing dirty water

    Welcome to the forum. What you describe as 'dirt' sounds like dead algae to me. Can the pool pass an ? How are you testing the water? Please post a complete set of current test results so we can better understand your chemistry. Please include: FC CC pH TA CH CYA
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    Wanda the whale vacuum problems

    You will need to block one of the suction ports or the vac will not develop enough suction to move or vacuum.
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    best vacuum for intex pool

    I really like my Hayward Aqua Bug suction side cleaner. I use that with a leaf canister, and it gets the pool spotless in about an hour or so.
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    Adding pool stabilizer?

    That sounds like you may have a filter issue..... Anything that gets through a cartridge filter is too small to see with the naked eye, unless something is wrong. Are you sure the cartridge is seated correctly? Have you checked the cartridge for rips/tears?
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    16x48 intex pool automatic cleaner question

    A cartridge filter will filter finer particles than a Sand Filter. As far as what is better, depends on you and your pool. If you go with a non-Intex system, you will need to convert connections as they will not match up.
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    16x48 intex pool automatic cleaner question

    I have an 18' x 48", and originally had the Intex 14" Sandfilter with 3/4HP pump, & vacuuming was marginal at best. I would get about 3/4 done with the pool and the suction would start to drop as the filter was ready for a backwash. I recommend you go with at least the Intex 16" sandfilter...
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    Vacuum vs pump power - is pump sufficient?

    I had the next larger sandfilter & pump and found the vacuuming to be marginal. I had to go extremely slow, and would usually have to backwash 3/4 of the way through to keep adequate suction. I'm afraid your system may just not be up to the task.
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    Pentair FNS Plus 48 inlet question

    You should never have to use excessive force to tighten a union, it could actually work against you by distorting the union and reducing its sealing ability. Have you tried silicone based lube on the o-ring? How is the condition of the o-ring?
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    Automatic vacuum recommendations for Intex 24x52

    How big is your pump? The Aqua Bug is a suction side cleaner, a true vacuum. It hooks up to the suction side of the pump and draws the debris into the filter. I own the "Wanda the Whale" version & love it. I also have a 1.5HP pump. The Intex cleaner is a pressure side cleaner, essentially a...
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    MX-8 Help

    Sorry you haven't yet received a reply to your questions. Here is a friendly bump to try to get this thread some attention. Thanks for posting. :bump:
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    Polaris 280

    I'm not too familiar with the Polaris 280, but here is a friendly bump to get your thread some attention. :bump:
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    Solar Pool skimmer

    I guess if I have $560, and I have nothing else to spend it on......... Seems a bit like cork sniffing to me. While I can't argue their theory (get it before it sinks), my pool is under two large trees, and my through-wall skimmer, along with Wanda the Whale do just fine keeping my pool clean...
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    Hayward ultra pool vac

    Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Here's a friendly bump to try to get more attention for your question. Good luck, nice to have you with us.
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    Pool Company

    That's the clincher right there for me. Nobody will care for your pool as good as you will. I take care of my pool as if my families health depends on it, because it really does.