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    For the techs or "advice givers" out there

    I came across this in another forum, Radio Reference and thought that these would be good great guidelines if you are to offer advice. Not all of them necessarily apply, but are at least good habits to apply in life or career. Disclaimer: These were taken from a members' signature. I hope...
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    HAYWARD Need a picture of the back of the 6 button spa side remote.

    Who has a AQL-SS-6B-X in stock right now? I need a picture of the back of the switch ASAP! Hayward was no help. Today is October 10, 2016 i need to see the back of this unit by today! If you cant post today, that's ok i appreciate your time anyway. Moderators: you can delete this thread...
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    hi salt

    Split off topic posts from this topic where it could be continued if the parties desire. Bama Hey guys, just curious... When this guy has an obvious problem with his cell, why do you want him to list a full set of chem readings, when the sensor in the cell is the problem? I realize you want...