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  1. Dave31410

    New Construction - Placement issues!

    As a retired landscape architect, I would consider your existing patio disposable. The pool should be closer to the house with the pool deck integrated into a new pavement system connecting the house to the pool, with enough room for an entertaining/living space between the house and pool. That...
  2. Dave31410

    New here

    Do you have a valve on the suction line that you could close before opening the pump basket?
  3. Dave31410

    How do you dispose of Test Chemicals?

    Don't dump it in the pool. I pour into my fire pit.
  4. Dave31410

    Salt Water Pool

    That is what Mechanics Liens are for.
  5. Dave31410

    Is this a leak? So confused

    Running the pump 24/7 might have some effect. All I can say is that where I am (deep South USA) I get the greatest amount of evaporation in late Fall when conditions here are similar to yours now. Water in the high 80's, air temp in the 50-60's.
  6. Dave31410

    Is this a leak? So confused

    I don't think you have a leak. If 87 is your pool temperature, that is probably much less than the night (or day) temp in Ontario, causing evaporation.
  7. Dave31410

    Cutting into 3-1 slope for AGP

    I don't think that 4' high 45 degree slope will be very stable. I think you will need some kind of hard wall like in Rand's pictures.
  8. Dave31410

    Possible black algae?

    Thanks to everyone
  9. Dave31410

    Possible black algae?

    On further investigation it does appear to be dead algae. I went into the pool with a diving mask for a closer look. It brushed away easily by hand. The place where it settles is in the deep end near the corner. There is a return on the opposite wall pointed slightly down and towards the end...
  10. Dave31410

    Possible black algae?

    Why does it reappear in the same spots?
  11. Dave31410

    Possible black algae?

    I have read that it is not as likely on a vinyl surface but I think this is black algae. I brush it off and it reappears in the same spots a couple of days later. Water remains clear. Is any algaecide recommended or just more chlorine and brushing? FC 7 CC 0 PH 7.6 CYA 60
  12. Dave31410

    PVC Butt Connectors?

    compression coupling
  13. Dave31410

    Sand - what type?

    about 3.5 tons 22' area =380 sq ft x 2/12'' deep = 63.4 cubic ft/27 cu.ft.per cu. yd =2.3 cu. yards x 1.5 tons per cubic yard = 3.5 tons
  14. Dave31410

    Hello from Columbus ga

    How have you been maintaining it. I ask because there are a lot of pools out there and not everyone follows the TFP method
  15. Dave31410

    Getting Started

    I would suggest steel edging and pine bark mulch. Maybe plant some Liriope to help stabilize.
  16. Dave31410

    Sand - what type?

    Ask the rock company which would compact best.
  17. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    You referenced splitting the suction, and entrapment risk, which to me implied a main drain, but perhaps I misunderstood.
  18. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    Imagine you have a hose with no nozzle. Then place your thumb over the end of the hose to make a stream. The flow is reduced but the pressure is increased. Pool pumps are high volume, low pressure, so you want the pressure in the returns to be sufficient to create flow to the skimmer. Larger...
  19. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    My understanding is that the VS pump should be kept at an RPM low enough to activate the SWG cutoff switch, and high enough to promote circulation.
  20. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    Is the purpose of keeping the pressure up to maintain velocity coming out of the returns?
  21. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    that is the plan. add an eyeball, and replace it with a spray when it gets hotter. The Jandy valve would balance the flow
  22. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    2 psi at 1750 rpm
  23. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    Noted on the picture but the left ball valve would be omitted
  24. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    I don't have a main drain
  25. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    Update: I figured out I can use the skimmer hose attachment if I need to vacuum.
  26. Dave31410

    Changing from suction to return

    When my pool was built, the builder plumbed three lines into one side of the pool. The two near the ends are returns. The center one was supposed to be for a pressure cleaner. I deleted the pressure cleaner and asked that the center line be tied into the pump suction to be used as a vacuum line...
  27. Dave31410

    Old Pool, New Problems

    Who is Anthony?
  28. Dave31410

    Leave Robot Cleaner in Pool or Not?

    I take mine out after each use. Otherwise I would just be leaving the organic matter it picks up in the water using up chlorine.
  29. Dave31410

    New pool owner

    Go to the pool school section and start reading
  30. Dave31410

    Heating up my Intex 32ftx16ftx52in pool

    Think about the difference between 14000 gallons, and the amount of water that can be in the tubes. I don't think it will be very effective, not to mention that you will be spending a lot of time and money feeding wood into the stove.