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    New Semi inground build, need thoughts on equipment.

    So our intex is wearing out and we decided that we would go for something more permanent. Inground was not in the budget so, we are going with an AGP sunk 24”. Please give me your thoughts on this stuff. Thanks! 18 x 33 oval monument extruded aluminum sunk 24” dig down to 6.5’ deep end...
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    algae prevention on a roll a guard ladder

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so, if it needs moved please do so.:D We purchased a roll a guard ladder last year. Several times last year we had algae around the ladder. I have not installed the ladder in the pool yet this year. We have converted to using the TFP...
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    What's the best order to convert to SWG?

    Hi! Last summer we installed an Intex 22'x52" ultra frame pool. We kept it going with Leslie's pool store products, I have since discovered TFP and pool school. I have been reading on here like crazy. I ordered and have the tf100 testing kit, along with the stirrer. We have also purchased an...