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  1. BattleOfYakima

    Poll: Who is your Amazon Smile Charity and how many transactions are you at?

    Your current charity: Trouble Free Pool Your total orders: 25 Who are you having Amazon donate to instead of keeping all the profit? How many transactions are you at?
  2. BattleOfYakima

    Water Skipping Balls Help: Wave Runner 6.0 vs. Waboba Pro/Surf/Blast/Extreme

    After seeing them at the beach several time, I'm ready to buy some of those soft-ish balls that you throw and they bounce across the water surface of a pool or ocean. I want a ball or two: Pool use 20-30 feet & open water/beach According to what I'm reading on amazon smile (purchases support...
  3. BattleOfYakima

    Backup Private Messages Tutorial Download All Private Messages Private Message Limit

    If you use TFP private messages frequently, eventually you might see this: Private messages (combined inbox and sent) has a limit of 400 messages. If you go to the Private Messages page: and scroll all the way down you'll see this: Clicking your...
  4. BattleOfYakima

    Picture of backswimmers water boatman small black swimming bug low FC how to prevent

    If you see this small, fingernail-sized aquatic insect in your pool, most likely your Free Chlorine (FC) level is too low for your current Cyanuric Acid (CYA/stabilizer/conditioner) level. I consider them nature's very last warning before your pool is overridden by a full blown algae bloom...
  5. BattleOfYakima

    helping ecoke get quotes working thread - ignore

    This is my original text. Quote one of these three sentences. And reply to it.
  6. BattleOfYakima

    Curious about TFP bias for DE over CF

    Detailed articles about adding DE to sand filter, but no equivalent for cellulose fiber. From my reading on TFP threads, users of CF seem to have resounding success. Given that CF can be backwashed right onto the yard & less legal/environmental considerations, should TFP consider a pivot...
  7. BattleOfYakima

    Setting CH goal with low TA and rising PH

    17-20k gallons, absolutely crystal clear, still a couple black algae dots under the de-laminated/bulging plaster, but everything brush-able has long been killed. FC 9 CC 0 PH 7.4 (1 drop to 7.2, 2 drops to 7.0) TA 60 CYA 50 (rounded up from just under) CH 200 Old, pitted, some de-laminating...
  8. BattleOfYakima

    Proper procedure & timing check for adding 25-50lb of calcium

    Need to help add 25-50 lbs of calcium chloride to a neglected plaster pool. Questions so far: 1) Do I pour the calcium chloride or the pool water in the bucket first? (if doing multiple buckets, need to dry after each if calcium first?) 2) If using a 5 gallon bucket, is it okay to expect 10...
  9. BattleOfYakima

    ignore me, just testing image upload

    Disclaimer, do not use, just tinkering around, not for use, not TFP approved just testing image upload and display
  10. BattleOfYakima

    Snow Joe MELT Professional Strength 94% Pure CaCl2 Pellets safe?

    I've found several threads on this, and there is confirmation that it raises CH as expected. That's great! Is it safe? If so, I suggest it be considered for addition to the recommended +CH chem list. Here is the SDS with a seemingly thorough ingredient list for that other 6%, 5% of which might...
  11. BattleOfYakima

    Wet trichlor pucks tabs - left in sun to dry, put back in bucket, fumes

    Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, legal advice, or safe handling instructions for any chemicals or products. This is a hypothetical situation with lots of assumptions and unknowns. All chemicals can be dangerous and you should only handle after proper education and only in the safe...
  12. BattleOfYakima

    94% Pure CaCl2 Pellets - 6% ??? Safe to use?

    Snow Joe MELT25CCP 25-LB Professional Strength Calcium Chloride Pellets Ice Melter Resealable BagProfessional Strength - contains 94% Pure CaCl2 Pellets At $17 shipped for 25lbs I'm tempted to buy it, but is it safe to raise CH without risking health? Other posters have used it and verified it...
  13. BattleOfYakima

    Yard sale cs8110 working pull $50, buy?

    Is this also the bad copper thing you don't want? Can swg part be used without it?
  14. BattleOfYakima

    Spilled R-0870 on kitchen floor, discoloration removal suggestions please

    Less than half of my R-0870 fell on the kitchen floor last night. I pulled out the safety sheet but it only said how to deal with skin accidents. It was after business hours, so I just swept it up thoroughly. Looked good. This morning there is discoloration. I called Taylor and for the email...
  15. BattleOfYakima

    New to Washington from Florida, inherited 2 yr swamp

    Greetings everyone! First, thank you for this site! Last year it help me tame a CYA 100+ swamp that had been clear for years. You all opened my eyes, and I thank you for getting me off stabilizer tablets and clearing it in under a week without needing to post. You existing info was more than...