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    Pump not priming solved! Cause: LEAK ON THE RETURN SIDE

    I was told a return side leak could never cause a pump to not prime. I tried everything else until today when I finally fixed it! Short story: My basket was full of air. The skimmer was pulling in water very slowly. Despite the pressure being high (30 PSI when running at 3300 RPM) on the...
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    How to determine proper RPM for VS pump

    Is there some sort of ballpark guide for pool size, fitting size, pump, etc. to determine this?
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    Lack of water pressure in the pressure relief valve. Possible problem?

    When I first got the pool, during priming at 3400 RPM, if I opened the filter pressure relief valve water would shoot out pretty far. Now it only dribbles out when running at the same RPM. Im thinking this might point to a leak in some seal in the filter. Any thoughts?
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    Could never achieve prime and some basic questions.

    Ever since I came into possession of this pool it has had issues. Several, in fact. Let me give some background first. Background: 1. From day one there were small air bubbles in the pool pump, although the water level at the top 2. My pool setup has a Jandy valve to dictate which of my 4...
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    Broken pipe to vacuum port

    While doing remodeling I had some of the concrete patio around the pool removed. During this process the PVC pipe for the vacuum port was cracked. It got cracked right next to the edge as it stuck out of the concrete pool form, giving no surface to glue in a union piece to repair. The pipe is...