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    pump/filter pressure issues

    I just opened my above ground pool this past Wednesday. I got out as much debris as I could with the next. The only stuff left now is so fine it goes straight through the net. I have fine particles on the bottom of the pool and floating on the water surface. Every time I try to vacuum I lose...
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    Pump stopped working

    I notice my water was still this morning and went out and saw that the outlet where my pump is plugged in had been tripped. I reset it and tried to start the pump. It will only hum. Nothing starts happening. Is my pump tore up, am I going to have to replace it? Any ideas will help.
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    Kroger bleach

    Last year I found this forum and took control of my pool after fighting a green pool/algae the whole first half of the season. I maintained a beautiful, crystal clear water pool after that! I even got compliments on how "sparkling clear" the water was. I have a Kroger across the street from...
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    Refill for TFP testing kit

    I bought the TFP kit last year. I'm opening my pool today and realizing that my chlorine powder is dried up and I'm running out of other supplies for it as well. Can I buy refills for it? I searched but I don't see a link where to buy it.
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    Using bleach

    I'm brand new to the group. This is my 3rd year with my pool and I'm still learning. I've been taking my water to the pool company and using their test methods which is usually very helpful but it's time for me to learn to take care of this myself. I ordered the TF100 kit today but I've been...