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    looking for replacement steps

    I am happy with my in-ground steps, but they will not last forever, and are showing signs of weakness. I want to replace them before they fail in use. I will attach a picture, and also a picture on the Internet that I think are the same steps. The Internet picture was on some weird data...
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    High CYA -- water change advice

    I am a newbie trying to wrangle the pool of a house I just bought. The pool *looks* great, BTW, for some reason. Perhaps it's too toxic for algae to grow. I had been testing free chlorine and ph with the daily kit while doing the move, and CYA only with a test strip. So, what I thought I knew...
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    water table and pool types

    There are some old threads on this subject, but as directed by the site, i am starting a "fresh" one. I am a total newbie. We will be taking possession of a house tomorrow. An in-ground pool is a nice bonus (or I hope so). I just saw the pool de-winterized yesterday for the first time. It is a...