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  1. buddywiser

    Pump won't kick on, Wiring question

    Hayward Superpump 1 HP set up as 220V. Tried to turn on first time since closing in October but didn't turn on. Timer has screws A, 1, 2, 3, 4. When I test with multimeter I am getting the expected 120V on screws 1 and 3. But with the timer switched to Off, I am also getting 120 on screws 2...
  2. buddywiser

    Okay, which one of you did this?

    Man builds massive 317,000-gallon swimming pool in his backyard |
  3. buddywiser

    Pool Cover ID

    Looks like my 20 year old pool cover is dissolving. Nothing on the cover or the bag tells me the brand. The Meyco, Loop Loc, etc all look the same to me online. Anybody want to take a guess?
  4. buddywiser

    Cutting the light cord

    Opened pool to liner with rips above the water line. I can patch and swim for as long as I need to this year, but we'll be getting one by season's end. Already been measured for a new one. My problem is that I have no idea where my pool light junction box is, so I cannot remove the light for...
  5. buddywiser

    Timing of new vinyl liner

    I'm going to need a new liner soon, but might be able get another season out of the old one. Let's say I wait until closing the pool and replace it at that time. I wouldn't fill the pool, but would add as much water as needed, which would be below the return lines. This means that I wouldn't...
  6. buddywiser

    Another stain question

    I've been treating my vinyl liner pool for metal stains for a couple years now. I use Pool Magnet Plus on a regular basis and it works great. I've had my water tested a few times and both times it's tested negative for both iron and copper. A vitamin C tablet clears the stain up instantly when...
  7. buddywiser

    I made a big booboo closing

    Closed yesterday and shut everything down. I figured I'd turn off the electricity to the pump, etc, later. BUT I forgot to take the timer things off of the pump switch. So I just found out that the pump was on for about 5 hours with no water. The motor didn't fell hot at all. I guess I...
  8. buddywiser

    Is this a bleach stain on the liner?

    I normally pour the bleach in over the jets, but in the past I've had other people pour it in for me when I'm away. This stain was here last year and I'm not really too worried about it as the liner is nearing 15 years old. This stain goes from the top to the bottom in the deep ind and there...
  9. buddywiser

    Floating Pool Candles

    If your wife sees these things on sale, thinks they're cute, and brings them home one day, I have one suggestion for you: Make sure they make it to the curb on trash day. Trust me on this one.
  10. buddywiser

    Underwater Light and GFCI

    I've got an Aqualumin Nicheless Light 120V. I cannot find a GFCI that is connected to the light. I've tested all of the outlets in the pool area and there is none at the circuit breaker. I am going to replace the diving board hardware in a couple days so when I take the board off, I don't...
  11. buddywiser


    Okay, this is driving me bananas. Pool Bonding has got to be one of the most misunderstood concepts that I have ever encountered. I know this has been discussed before, but I just wanted to get a show of hands from people that actually have their pool bonded properly. I figure most of you...
  12. buddywiser

    Need a 2nd Opinion on Motor Search

    I think my motor is about to go. It's making a pretty loud whirrr sound. It's about 12 years old, so I'm not even going to think about taking it to a motor shop. I'm not quite sure of the HP (everything is worn off on the plate), but if I'm doing this right, I think it's 3/4 HP. I took the...
  13. buddywiser

    Kids playing with returns

    Some kids came over and pointed the return in the deep end up and then covered the one in the shallow end with their hands to make a fountain. Can this do any harm to the lines or am I paranoid? :rant:
  14. buddywiser

    3 last questions

    1. Should I take out my cartridges or leave them in the filter through the winter? 2. I have a heat pump (Heat Siphon) and I noticed a little standing water in the bottom. Is there any danger from this freezing? Should I just pour a little RV antifreeze in there to be safe? 3. My water...
  15. buddywiser

    My first closing went great!

    Then I found out I was a dork! When I was putting the mesh cover on, I decided that I would put the clean side up. One side was noticeably dirtier than the other side, so I thought that the cleanest side would have been the top since it took all the rain over last winter. :oops: I realized...
  16. buddywiser

    Main Drain not working?

    I was trying to drain some water out of my pool (High CYA). When I got below the skimmers, I shut both of them off at the pump, but no water would come through. After some reading last night, I'm wondering if this is the problem. Underneath the skimmer basket, the hole closest to the pool is...
  17. buddywiser

    Pump Questions

    I had an electrician take a look at my pump today and he said there's a good chance that the motor won't make it through the summer. It is running really hot. He put some thingamajiggy on it and said it was losing something (sorry). It's a Jacuzzi Magnum Plus about 10 years old. It looks...
  18. buddywiser

    Alkalinity Test using DPD kit

    I'm using a DPD Deluxe kit from Leslies and I haven't been able to get a reading for Alkalinity yet. Like the directions say, I put the drops in to turn it green. Then I need to put in other drops until it turns red. It turns bluish, then yellow, but never turns red. I put in about 80 drops...
  19. buddywiser

    Grounding Pump....Tripping Breaker...I'm not an electrician

    and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night either :) Anyway, we just had a Heat Siphon (heat pump) installed and the installer told us he recommends grounding the heater to a copper rod. He also mentioned that the pump (Jacuzzi) could also be grounded to the same rod. The pump is...