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    AquaPure plus iAqualink - Questions

    I have Similar issues I’ve seen here where I can set a number in aqualink but the control panel of the aqua pure always shows 0%. This is a brand new setup part of my recently completed pool. My pool builder is useless so there’s no recourse going back to him. I can enable boost from the...
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    New Pool has started! Raleigh NC

    Our pool builder has started the construction! I'm also shopping for a heat pump with chiller.. Anybody have good/bad things to say about the Aquacal SQ120R? My builder will plumb/wire it up for me. Here's some eye candy.
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    foozed-waterfall questions

    Any advice on how to build a waterfall / rock water feature would be helpful here! I had my PB pre-plumb but all I have is a pipe sticking up through the concrete because I'm not comfortable enough taking it on yet...