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    Help on pump and filter size and Solar heating

    My wife and I will (hopefully) be ordering our pool on Monday or Tuesday. It is the 16’X24’X54” Artesian Echo Canyon II AGP. However we are having an issue on the Pump and filter size. The retailer wants to sell a Pentair’s 22in Sand Filter and a 2HP single speed pump with the pool...
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    Hello all. Glad that I found this sight. I began researching pool information about 2 months ago when my wife and I decided to install a pool in our back yard. It was reccomended that I go to the PF sight, but then I came to the sad conclusion that something was not right there. What a...
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    Above Ground Pool

    good Evening, My wife and I are looking to install an above ground pool for our family to use. We are thinking of purchasing this pool here in the 15x26 size with the luxury package with the foam floor and coping. Having very limited knowledge...