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  1. jj

    Hanging Digital Thermometer

    I've not found anything. Thanks chiefwej. If I'm reading right, I have to also have the base unit. I don't think I want to go that far. Heaven forbid....then he wouldn't legitimately be able to keep the tv on the weather channel. LOL
  2. jj

    Hanging Digital Thermometer

    I've lightly Googled and searched here, haven't found one. Is there such a thing as a 'hanging' digital thermometer? I don't want a floating one. I want to know what the temp is a foot down like my old, recently deceased, hanging analog? one showed. But I would love to have a digital, so I...
  3. jj

    Header Size

    Bear with me here Jason....why?:) If I can only pump 1 1/2" of water to it why is a 2" header going to do me any good? I'm not against getting the 2" I'd just like to understand. And....what is your opinion of having to get/plumb so many small panels? We thought they were going to be 4x10...
  4. jj

    Header Size

    I realize 2" is the recommended size for the Fafco headers. But our plumbing here at the cabin is only 1 1/2" so wouldn't getting 2" be useless? We planned on using 6 4'x10' panels. Which they said would really be 12 2'x2'? I was ready to 'click' and then had these doubts. What we're after...
  5. jj

    Time to reflect upon our TFPs and the 2010 season

    You know I was just commenting on another thread how much help TFP has been to us from the first month of our abg pool. But I forgot the whole premise....Trouble Free Pool....and that is exactly what they have given us! Thanks, jennifer
  6. jj


    We left the lake after 8 years to put in a small pool for me. TFP has been a treasure. Hub is not a water person, but TFP has made it so comfortable for him he is really enjoying it. He's kept it beautiful, after our first month of a fiasco, at the pool store, then we found TFP and BBB...
  7. jj

    Pool Cove Kit?

    Geez, I love this forum. Thank you for the info. All of it. I'm not always stupid just skeptical:) Hub says we have the cove. I'm not sure and he wasn't here when they were installing it. I thought I'd be able to tell if we did. But the walls go straight down (to me). We had a...
  8. jj

    Pool Cove Kit?

    Maybe I didnt ask the right question. Why and when would you need a cove kit?
  9. jj

    Pool Cove Kit?

    Cove.... yes, I read that in the description....for what reason? Wall Foam.... oh, I thought I might have wanted that:)
  10. jj

    Pool Cove Kit?

    What is a Pool Cove Kit? I'm wondering if I had known what one was, would I have wanted one in my small, cold pool:) Oh, and also a Wall Foam Kit? I've clicked on their descriptions but they don't tell me. Thanks, jenn
  11. jj

    Who's still here? part II

    I waited until I was 60 to ski down the front porch steps during the ice storm (6 wks. ago) and break my leg (knee) in 3 places. I'm checking in early to get the solar heating ball rolling. I'm picturing DIY physical therapy :-D
  12. jj

    Cornelius pools?

    We put in one cause my hub always wants to go with what the local store sells. He always wants to go local, American or whatever until I bought him the only American made jeans for $5?.00 a pair:):) He's been quiet lately:) We've had no trouble with it, this was only our second summer.
  13. jj

    A Few Pics From my PA Backyard

    Wow...has PAS (as my hub calls him), P. Allen Smith, been to your house?:) Loverly.....
  14. jj

    Thanks TFP for BBB!

    I would like to add our thanks to TFP, also. Our first full winter and summer with the pool on BBB have been flawless. Many thanks to you all! jennifer P.S. Bryan, I forgot to tell you....beautiful kids, water and pic:) I love looking at pictures.
  15. jj

    PH Testing

    Would this 30.00 gadget prevent me from having to 'guess'? I 'still' really just don't like estimating what color it is. Hanna (Checker1) pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode Description At the cost of just a few rolls of litmus paper, you can have the industry's best pocket-size pH tester...
  16. jj

    Does Running the Pump Cool the Pool Water?

    Thank you. We've been working on Steve's theory. Our air temp has not, necessarily, been much warmer than our pool water. Then add the 10-12 mph breeze, cloudy and you've got a dang chilly swim, for me :-D
  17. jj

    Does Running the Pump Cool the Pool Water?

    Our pump puts out a pretty good swirl in our small pool. So we wonder if it cools the water, when run during the day? We don't need it to be cooled. Brrrr. We're having a lovely summer, but not a lovely summer for swimming, most days.
  18. jj

    Your Typical Online Forum

    I thought that was called a conversation:) Opinions, experiences, differences ect.....
  19. jj

    Whats behind the name?

    Re: Oh boy, you should have had 'Ong, NE' as an address! LOL Can you imagine how many times I had to spell that over and over? :)
  20. jj

    I just ordered a Pool Rover JR

    We love our Pool Rover Jr. too. I started early shopping. Got one and it wasn't what was pictured and no handle on top. We wanted the handle on top to retrieve in chilly weather. We were sent T something. Intricate sending it back. Got another, paid 50.00 more just for the security of being...
  21. jj

    Drop Test for Ph?

    That can't really be true can it? When the colorator goes from 7.2-7.5, 7.5-7.8, 7.8-8.2. How can you determine you are within 0.1 guess? I'm just asking? I think hub has practiced enough. He's aspiring to Waterbear's theme....I've tested more water than....:) I walk over and glace at it...
  22. jj

    Drop Test for Ph?

    Is there a drop test for Ph? Or have I missed the boat? I am having trouble reading the colorator that came with my TFP kit. I see people posting numbers that are not on the colorator. Are they just guesstimating? I would like a exact number:) Not my wife and I guessing what shade it is. Is...
  23. jj

    AGP Cover Pump

    I just thought I'd check back in and's working great.
  24. jj

    AGP Cover Pump

    Thanks Thank you, Jason, I got it. Thank you div, that was thoughtful. jen
  25. jj

    AGP Cover Pump

    We've been toodling along fine for the rest of the summer, thanks to TFP people. Now, I have my orders to get a pool cover pump:) We have a winter cover on it. And a leaf net at the moment. I've looked a little. I guess I should get one that is submersible, huh? Just in case. Anyone have any...
  26. jj

    Ever break a horse to ride? This one is self-broke...

    Don't trust her. Nothing beats experience.
  27. jj

    Repulsive Or Just Plain RUDE???

    My husband dunks his head under and burbbles up. It seems to be something men do. I'm not sure why. It's like it clears their head:) I too duck under, come up and wipe the water off my face. It's very refreshing. I do know what you are talking about though, but I wouldn't have until I was...
  28. jj

    So How Do We Aereate an AGP?

    I'm wondering if this means anything to people who have experience...we have one return. We definately have movement on the top of our water. In fact so much so that if you are lying on a float it keeps you pushed over to the other side. And if you are swimming around the pool it's hard to...
  29. jj

    Women of TFP Swimsuit Calendar?

    I read the line to hub...he laughed. Probably cause I'm the oldest and fattest one being pulled around on a towable at the lake:):)
  30. jj

    Teensy Whine.............

    I certainly didn't mean to be rude. And I'm very sorry if I came across as that way! I wasn't even refering to this site, necessarily. I've been reading pool pages since Feb. and it seems there are always exception's at the bottom of the page for AGP. Whether it's temp, calcium, pumps...