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    maintenance thoughts while we can't turn pump on

    Hi There, Brand new so this is all foreign to us. Our pool was installed last fall. We still are working on the deck around the pool now. We found a broken pipe near the pump that needs to be fixed before we can turn anything on. We have a salt water system that will be installed at the...
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    Hi there!!

    New to pools and am a little scared to take care of one but with you g children who are eager to swim I’m up for the Challenge. Hoping this site can help me!!
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    New inground pool decking and coping?

    This place has been great but we are lost. We built a house so thought putting a pool in now would make most sense. We have four young kids and we all love to swim. But we hadn’t budgeted for it..... we asked for a cantaliever edge on our pool because we like the look of stone/concrete or...