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    Low TA

    My TA is low (40) yet my PH is and has been consistantly 7.5 , how critical is it to adjust this and what is the best way?
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    ScreenLogic issue

    I have a schedule set in ScreenLogic for my pump to run from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every day. Last night for the first time since installation a little over a year ago the pump did not turn off at 8:00 and ran through the night. Any ideas?
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    Replacement Zinc

    I'm trying to find a place to purchase an extra zinc anode for my CMP 25810-xxx-050. I have contacted CMP but they tell me just to go to my local pool store. I have searched on the web and cannot find it, all I see is the complete unit. Anyone know where to purchase? Steve
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    Solar Breeze ?

    I am trying to find a skimmer for the top of our pool and came across Solar Breeze. Looks pretty pricey. We have problems with the neighbors mowing their lawns when the wind is blowing and the fine clippings ending up in the pool. Also, a lot of pollen in the spring. Are the filters fine enough...
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    IC40 issues

    My SWG is not producing chlorine, SWG indicated 2200 ppm yesterday and I added 40 lbs of salt yesterday afternoon. This morning SWG still indicates 2200 ppm and is not producing chlorine. I have tested the water with the test kit and it indicates 3400 ppm which should be more than adequate for...
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    Chlorine question

    We will be leaving for a month or two next week and have placed a solar cover on our pool and reduced pump run time from 12 hours to 8 hours a day. I'm assuming with the cover that the chlorine level will stay the same without the SWG running. Am I correct, and any suggestions on other things to...
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    Cleaning STA-RITE S7D75 DE filter

    Getting ready to do a cleaning on my STA-RITE S7D75 DE filter and thought a video of the process would be helpfull but I am unable to find anything. Anyone aware if one exist? If not, any tips from those who have done this before?
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    Chlorine Monitor?

    Is there a device that will monitor the chlorine level and automatically adjust the SWG accordingly? I find myself chasing the chlorine level up and down.
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    Preparing Pool for Cooler Months

    We live in an area where the temperature occasionally falls below freezing. This is the first year we have had the pool and I'm trying to come up with a good plan to get through the cooler months. I'm planning on running the pump, do I run it the same length of time (currently 12 hours)? I am...
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    Safety Cover

    Thinking about having a safety cover installed for the off season and times that we may be away for an extended period of time. Thinking it will make it easier to keep the pool clean for easy opening in the spring. Looking for a rough idea on the cost and which brands are the best.
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    I'm having a problem with a frog(s) visiting my pool at night and leaving a couple of calling cards on the steps. In the past I have found one in the pool in the morning, caught him with the net and catapulted him high in the air and away from the pool, thinking the hard landing might discourage...
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    Do I have a problem?

    Yesterday I did a backwash on my STA-RITE DE filter. 3 Backwashes for 2 minutes each at approx 50 gpm and then a 10 sec rinse. I then placed a slurry mix of DE (75% of original DE capacity, 2.8 lbs (might have put a little more, between .1 and .2 lbs)). After about an hour I shut the pump off...
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    Strange Pump Action

    I was standing next to the pump filter etc recording information from the sacraficial zinc when all of a sudden the pump stopped and a few seconds later restarted. I thought at first we had a power blip but went into the house and none of the usual blinking clocks were blinking. Any thoughts?
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    Skimmer Cleaning

    Any suggestions on what to use to clean the inside of the skimmer? Pretty black from whatever. Don't want to have any nasty cleaning agents get into the pool. Steve
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    Weir Sticking Closed

    I am finding the Weir on my Hayward skimmer sticking closed at times and not letting enough water in. I think I saw something about sanding a little off the sides but I'm not sure how to remove it to work on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steve
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    Proper Mix of skimmer and drain.

    This might sound stupid but so far I have found several settings that the pool builder did not have correct. The suction side of the filter has a tee with one side coming from the bottom drain and the other from the skimmer. There's a valve that allows you to vary the percentage. It is currently...
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    Pressure Gauge

    Pressure gauge on filter is full of moisture. Any suggestions on a quality waterproof gauge? Steve
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    ScreenLogic question

    I have created a function called Swim-Out which increase the pump flow to provide the massaging affect through the jets. It appears that I cannot just start that function without stopping the regular pool function which runs 12 hrs a day. I would like to be able to use ScreenLogic to turn on the...
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    ScreenLogic Question

    I am having a problem keeping my landscape lights on all the time. I have the lights set for dusk to dawn within the Volt transformer. I have the transformer wired into my Pentair Easytouch and controls work properly. If I just turn on the circuit in ScreenLogic it eventually shuts it off ( is...
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    Using the TF100 test to check FC I ran the test using the speedstir I added drops till the water turned clear. I walked away for a few minutes and when I can back I could now see a little pink. Did I not add enough drops or could it change just sitting there?
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    Easytouch and low voltage landscape lighting

    I have read through the manual however it is not obvious to me how to connect the 120 volt transformer for my Volt low voltage lights. Just want to be able to turn them on and off with Screen Logic.
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    Skimmer cover attachment

    Lot of wind last night which blew through my skimmer and sent the cover flying. Trying to avoid putting the screws in and out. Anyone come up with a quick-release method? I don't see anything on the internet.
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    Backwash Flow Rate

    My DE filter manual does not mention anything about recommended flow rate for back-washing. Does anyone have information on this? Thanks in advance. Steve
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    Screenlogic2 Features?

    I have installed the Screenlogic 2 Interface however the user manual seems a little lacking. I'm not sure of exactly what I can do with this. The PC program seems to have more flexibility than the Android app. For example it doesn't appear that I can change the pump output from the Android app...
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    Salt tests not agreeing

    Purchased the recommended Taylor K-1766 salt test kit and did a test this morning with the following results: K-1766 4200 ppm, test strip 3190 ppm and pentair screenlogic 3200ppm. What did I do wrong?
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    Air in Pump Basket

    How much if any air is acceptable in the pump basket? Running at 28 GPM for 12 hrs. There always seems to be an air bubble which appears to increase over time.
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    Screenlogic2 Software

    Just installed a Pentair Screenlogic 2 and can't seem to find the software. No disk came with the unit. Done some looking online but I don't see anything that resembles whats shown in the manual. I'm sure I'm missing something. Does anyone have the link for the Windows software?
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    Newbie Looking for Advice

    We recently had a pool installed and I stumbled across this site while looking for information. This is the first pool that we have had and I have a lot to learn. The outside temperature here is in the 50’s and 60’s so not exactly pool weather just yet. The pool company that installed the pool...